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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows is Love!

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland front view

What Urban Decay says:
Created exclusively for Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, this project was a (slightly hallucinogenic) dream come true. Our 16 inspired by tiny Alice's journey through the mushroom forest... a "curiouser and curiouser" hike through twisted vines and skyscraping toadstools.

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland back view

Ooh... I'm so tempted to use this already but I still have the Book of Shadows 2. You see, I'm trying to discipline myself and try to use my Book of Shadows 2 first and hopefully I'll be able make it halfway through before dipping my brush on the Alice in Wonderland.

I know you've probably seen UD Alice in Wonderland palette on a lot of blogs with great swatches so I won't be posting the swatches in this post- but as you know I like doing thorough reviews of my eye shadows one by one so there will be swatches in the future.

I'm just going to enjoy posting the pop up photos and close up photos of each eyeshadow. I love UD eyeshadows because colors aren't so dupeable, it's pigment heaven, the palette has the right combination of neutral colors and colorful ones which is great for work and for going out.

My camera phone is love and if you'll scroll below you'll see it takes clear close up photos too as long as you have trained steady hands but nothing beats SLRs and these are the times when I'm into the photography mood but I can't seem to get the right color saturation, composition and vividness of the photos. Well, I still have my sturdy and beloved Nikon FM10 Analog SLR and it takes great photos, colored or black and white (and even better than DSLRs) but it's quite expensive to sustain film photography (even more expensive than buying a DSLR) so it's impractical to take blog photos with Nikon FM10. 

Analog SLRs phased out not because of the old technology but because it's very expensive to sustain film photography but if you get the resources and equipments to try it; I encourage you to do so because it's fun and it disciplines you to take great photos. It's just hard to scour for photo papers but if you do so it's gonna be expensive. I think I spend a couple of thousand bucks for photo papers alone, black and white films costs P200 a roll. But of course a person who just want to take simple photos just for the heck of it would opt to get a simple point and shoot camera, different strokes for different folks. Passionate photographers will spend and scour the busy streets of Hidalgo for the love of photography- just like for the love of make-up!

Anyway, so much for photography talk ^.^ 
Let's go ooh and aah with the Alice in Wonderland palette!

I love the tea cup pattern!

Here's the top view where you can see how the pop ups are connected

Front view- there's a mirror but I concealed the reflection with a white paper to make the photo's composition clean.

I wanna try Drink Me and Eat Me too!

Alice looking at Absolem
I can still remember the original Absolem <3

The palette

Such a pretty hue of violet- and I love violet eye shadows!
This reminds me of Stila Smudge Pot in Violet but they're different shades of purple.
Underland is also known as Flash

my cousin Shirley's husband calls this the Avatar make up! Hahaha
Oh before I forget, I wouldn't get Alice in Wonderland without Shirley's help, you may check her out at
I've never wore such a bright blue before but I'm up for the challenge!
Alice is also known as Painkiller

Oraculum is also known as Baked
Half Baked is one of my favorite gold eye shadows
However when I was comparing it to Half Baked it almost looks the same! <3

Queen is also known as Last Call
I love the reddish purple hue! It looks darker and redder in real life.

Chessur is also known as Chopper
I want a smiling, floating and evaporating cat like Chessur!

White Rabbit is also known as Polyester Bride
It's the classic white eyeshadow with a twist! There's tons of glitter in it.

Wonderland is known as Mauwi Wowie
I can't seem to describe the shade properly...

Curiouser is also known as Grifter
This reminds me of my Jill Stuart Princess Sapphire Palette but the purple hue is stronger with Urban Decay.

This is one shade I'd very much love to try
Muchness is also known as X

Mushroom is well, known as Mushroom =p
It's a beautiful taupe color that's also in my Book of Shadows 2

Midnight Tea Party is the fab Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
It's glitter mania but I've learned to control the glitters
Check my previous post here

Vorpal is also known as S&M
Such a pretty gray color...

Absolem is also known as Homegrown
Homegrown is one of my favorite green eyeshadows
Green eye shadows tend to make my brown eyes look warmer 
Pair this with Baked or Half Baked and it will look amazing!

Drink Me, Eat Me is Sin!
I learned of Sin when it came out as another version of Urban Decay Primer Potion
Hope this champagne color won't make my eyes puffy!

Mad Hatter is Twice Baked
This is brown with glitter flecks on it, I've also been using this from my Book of Shadows 2 for neutral days.

Jabberwocky is also known as Oil Slick
It's the classic black eye shadow infused with glitters!

Here are the two eyeliners, I already have the black eyeliner called Zero
I also have the Flipside in eye shadow form but I don't have it in eye liner form so this is interesting!

Another UDPP baby! ^.^ 

Here's my real baby sleeping with my hotdog pillow as I type away <3 such an adorable sweet little dog.


  1. awwwww such a cute dog you have!! <3

  2. Ooh Brownie's really cute! ^.^ but he was cuter when he was still a puppy hahaha

  3. Don't have to wait for your BOS2 to be halfway used to start BOS3. You can start using BOS3 coz they come in diff. kind of colors/shades. So, you interchange using them depending on the occassion and mood! Sige na, BI kita to start using it and post photos. haaaa....
    Gimme the avatar look! Bilis na...

  4. @Shirley Ooh it's so tempting! Ho lieng ah! Naks asenso nagca-Cantonese na! I have to work on the Avatar look haha =p

  5. @ Chelle, yeah go for the AVATAR look! "FAI-TI LA" LOL~~