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Sunday, January 17, 2010

MAC Price List

It has been a while since I did a price list so I'm itching to do MAC price list ^.^ 
Majority of the MAC Philippines price list comes from Girltalk  and I have provided other updated MAC price list.
Please take note that the list could be an approximation and some products might have  slight price increase.

MAC Philippines Price List

Eyeshadow Php 870
Paintpots Php 1,100
Fluidline Php 1,100
Pro Palette (Eyeshadow) Php 735

Lipglass Php900
Lipstick Php 950
Lipliner Php900
Prep + Prime Lip Php1000
Tinted Lip Conditioner Php 850

Blush Php 1,200
Blot Powder - Php 1,200
MAC Skin Finish Php 1,680
Studio Fix Fluid Php 1,650
Studio Fix Powder Php 1,500
Studio Sculpt Foundation Php 1,950
Studio Sculpt Concealer Php 950
Select Cover Up Concealer Php 900

Nail Polish Php 570
Brush Cleanser Php 600

129 - Php 1,950
150 - Php 2,550
168 - Php 1,800
182 - Php 2,500
187 - Php 3,095
188 - Php 1,950
208 - Php 1,250
209 - Php 1,250
217 - Php 1,000
226 - Php 1,450
227 - Php 1,950
239 - Php 1,450
263 - Php 1,250

MAC Hong Kong Price List 
Eyeshadow HK$130
Brush Cleanser HK$100
224 Tapered Blending Brush HK$260
187 Duo Fiber Brush HK$390
188 Small Duo Fiber Brush HK$300


  1. nyah. too expensive. pero i was about to purchase the 187 kanina. good thing i was able to control myself. :p

  2. haha! =p I just buy pag may sale, pero syempre not here sa Pinas, I bought my 187 sa Taiwan...

  3. anong country ang may murang mac products? i noticed kasi nasa 100-300 lang yung difference nya like in dubai, singapore and hongkong. (mas malaki pag nasa duty free) :)))

  4. chel! carla here, I think the lippies are still priced at php950 while the 187 ata is at php3K++ na :)


  5. @Evangelistaialea I'm not sure e ^.^ yeah maliit lang difference niya sa HK... I think it has something to do with the franchising contract narin ng MAC to other countries so in the end US has the cheapest MAC stuffs, I think =p

    @Carla hi ate Carla!!! ^.^ long time no hear from you! thanks sa correction! I'll edit this ^.^ waah nagtaas na yung 187? =/ I checked a few months ago P2950 parin siya, pero nonetheless mahal parin haha =p

  6. hi!! =) oo I saw this sa forums na nasa php3095 ata? or something to that range. not sure! mahal parin! hehehe =)
    planning to go to SG this year *MAY*! hehehe hahanap ng mga MAC shades na wala dito!

  7. huwaah! Kaiyak naman nagmahal nanamam ='( its too much for a brush... Oo hanap ka mga shades na wala dito like goldmine ^.^ i'm not sure ha, but I think stars and rockets limited edition rin lang dito...

  8. hi! where can i buy the pro palette e/s? i asked MAC rockwell but they dont have it.



  9. hi Raech! I'm not so sure either, has the SA told you what branches would it most likely be available? Try calling Shang or Glorietta they might have it ^.^

  10. hello! do you know how much is the MAC highlighter? thanks! :)

  11. hi! =) sorry I don't know how much the highlighter costs =( You could try calling MAC ^.^

  12. @evangelistaailea JAPAN!!! i bought my foundation there and its 300php less!

  13. OMG good thing I found this! I was looking for this cause I wanted to compute the total cost of my list for the upcoming mac me over collection so thank you! will definitely follow your blog :D

  14. hi Addie, thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope the MAC price list helped! Though it's a bit oudated, you may try to call them up first to get the updated price list ;) I'm sooo busy with work but I'll update my blog soon, I promise!

  15. how much is the MAC fluidline eyeliner in HKD??

  16. hm po ang MAC lipstick na made in Canada pag dito ibenta sa Phil? thanks