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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shu Uemura Price List

A compilation of the Shu Uemura price list I know here in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan
I would like to do this project since make-up costs a lot of money and we should research first for reviews and price comparison before we actually purchase the product or else we might end up wasting so much money for products that do not actually work. Personally I always check out for prices first before purchasing and I usually have a hard time checking out Philippine prices in the internet so I created this to share the prices of Shu products I know. 
Disclaimer: Not all prices would be accurate since I heard there is a price decrease here in the Philippines

Face Architect Liquid Foundation Php2400
Face Architect Cream Foundation Php2500
Depsea Smoothening Water-in Liquid Foundation Php2300
Loose Face Powder Php1650

Pro Concealer Php1100
Glow On Blush Php1500
Pressed Eye Shadow Mono Php 1450
Cream Eye Shadow Php1750
Rouge Unlimited lipstick Php1350
Gloss Unlimited lipgloss Php1200
Rouge creme Php1000
Sweet lipgloss Php1000
Eyelash curler Php1150
*mini eyelash curler is discontinued

For the products that are not on the list you may call Shu Uemura's flagship store in the Philippines
telephone number is 8978575

Shu Uemura's flagship store is at the 2nd Level, North Wing, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center Makati City, Philippines

Hong Kong:
Drawing Pencil HK$140
Eyelash curler HK$100
Mini Eyelash Curler HK$80

Taiwan: source from CozyCot
Nobara Cream $1000
Pro Concealer $680
Face Powder $1150
Glow On $600
Pressed Eyeshadow $480 ($410 duty free)
Pencil Eyeliner $400
Mascara Basic $950 ($850 duty free)
Eyebrow Manicure $800
Lash Repair $750 ($640 duty free)
Liquid Eyeliner $900
Eyebrow Pencil $550
Lip Rouge $540
Liquid Lip Rouge $740
Lip Fix $380
Lip Shimmer $700
Lip Gloss $740
Sweet Lip Gloss $550
Nail Enamel $400
Compact Face Brush $1000
20H Pony $1125
20B Goat $1500
20 Pony $1600
16R Goat $1600
7.5EX $1125
Eyelash Comb $150
5F Sable $660
10 Kolinsky $1800
Eyelash Curler $400
5R Kolinsky $1600
6OB $660
6F Sable $700
7F Kolinsky $1600
TTL Defender makeupbase $1250 ($1060 duty free)
Eye Pro Corrector $650
UV Under Base $1290
Cleansing Oil - Pink (450ml) $2250
Cleanising Oil - Pink (150ml) $950


  1. ang mahal ng shu dito sa pinas! nagulat ako 2400 na pala yung face architect foundie.

  2. Yeah it's very expensive =( I just bought Shu when I went to Hong Kong and when Dior Co had her Beauty Luxe Sale...

    I want the foundie too but I'm thinking of buying Paul and Joe since it's cheaper...