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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Benefit Price List

Since I'm into the Benefit phase right now, I'm gonna make a Benefit Price List! ^.^
The price list I'm gonna list down is in Hong Kong Dollars.

Makes me giddy when I checked the Philippine Peso and Hong Kong Dollar rate was Php 5.9= HK$1! When I was a kid HK$1 is equivalent to Php7 but now it's just Php 5.9.

Erase Paste HK$260
Realness of Concealness HK$310
That Gal Face Brightening Primer HK$280
 Dr. Feelgood HK$280
Ooh La Lift HK$210
Some Kind-A Gorgeous HK$280
Powderflage HK$280
Lemon Aid HK$200
High Beam HK$220
Benetint HK$310
Benetint Lip balm SPF 15 HK$210
Posietint HK$310
Pocket Pal HK$200
Get Even HK$300
Badgal HK$200
Badgal Lash HK$200
Badgal Blue HK$200
Badgal Plum HK$200
Get Bent Lash HK$200
Badgal Waterproof HK$200
Badgal Waterproof liner HK$200
Eye Bright HK$200
Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner HK$180
Lust Duster HK$160
Thrrob HK$280
CORALista HK$280
Dandelion HK$280
Georgia HK$280
10 HK$280
Hoola HK$280
Dallas HK$280
Just In Case... Kit HK$310
Big Beautiful Eyes... Kit HK$310
Brow Zings HK$300
High Brow HK$210
Instant Brow Pencil HK$200
Cupid's Bow Set HK$250
Lip Plump HK$210
Silky Finish Lipstick HK$160
Full Finish Lipstick HK$160
Rush Hour HK$210
Talk to the Tan HK$270
You Rebel HK$270
You Rebel Light HK$270
Bronzing Brush HK$200
Fantail Brush HK$200
Fluff Shadow Brush HK$160
Hard Angled Brush HK$140
Gabbi Bag HK$280
Lana Bag HK$390
Body So Fine HK$310
Touch Me Then Try To Leave... Cream HK$310
B Spot HK$380
Woman Seeking Toner HK$280
Gee... That Was Quick! HK$210
Clean Up Nice... Face Wash HK$250
Firmology HK$360
Depuffing Action Eye Gel HK$290
Eye Con HK$310
Dear John HK$310
She Laq HK$300

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