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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guess What's Unwrapping This December 20...

It's Hermès in Manila! 
Greenbelt in Makati City to be exact...

I read on Chuvaness' blog about it and I thought it opened already
I took this photo last October and I thought it would be outdated to post this but hurrah!

Hermès is gonna open just in time for Christmas day! 
According to Chuvaness Hermès is going to open on December 20, 2009

A Closer Look

I won't be buying anything because I'm not into luxury goods (unless it's make-up!).
But I'm just happy that more luxury brands are coming to our Philippine shores unlike back in those days we have to go to our neighboring countries just to get a glimpse of stores like these. 


  1. treat yourself with one cup noodle :D! wha'ts your favourite flavour? mine is the XO Sauce seafood ahahhaa!!

    I rely on those instant food when i am having exams :P very unhealthy, i know, lol

  2. @jennifer I like the classic beef flavored noodles (as long as it's not spicy!) haha, ooh I'm gonna try XO sauce with my noodles ^.^ how about sate sauce? I haven't experiment much on sauces... I understand how you feel... instant noodles is comfort food haha!

    @martha thanks sis!! ^.^ btw is your Givenchy lipstick still up for grabs? sorry super kulit haha, I think I texted and pm-ed you about it na =p

  3. Wow this opens on my birthday. Hmmm perfect birthday gift for myself hahahaha right I wish I can afford one now haha

  4. @caby advance happy birthday!! ^.^ yeah we're all wishing we could afford one when we almost over spending our money for Christmas =p