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Friday, December 11, 2009

My 2010 Planner

I used to be a Belle De Jour Power Planner girl before, I've used their planner for two years now. I loved how cute and girly their planner is but 2009's planner was a bit disappointing for me; the spine of the planner became bulky and it became heavier. I'm one of the people who would really use planners everyday and I would tote it in my bag but it's not healthy for my shoulders. Sure I got to use the coupons but I don't want to damage my shoulder as I grow old; it might even require surgery if I overwork my shoulder.

So... I got a small lightweight planner, I found this Sterling planner by accident at Fully Booked in Rockwell yesterday. The pretty metallic blue lace design won me over.

I love anything with lace on it; it looks so elegant and classy.

A Close up of the design

The price is very lovely, a drastic price decrease from the Belle de Jour Planner which retails to almost P600

What I like about this is the simplicity; no frills, no unnecessary printed text or graphics that I didn't use for the past two years. I just need the essential- the schedule table. This makes it more lightweight!

Close up detail of the planner

It's even got the rail road map in Manila! So you could see where the trains are interconnected for travelling purposes. It is pretty useful when I'm gonna start finding work since I just ride Line 1, 2, and 3 most of the time.

See my finger/hand ratio when placed on the planner? It's pretty compact and perfect for me to carry around.


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  2. hi chelle, came across your blog =) sorry to have lost you as a customer. =( we'll note your feedback and will try to give you more options in the future :) thanks though for your support the past 2 years. have a fabulous year :) -darlyn (bdj) :)

  3. hi Darlyn! =) thank you very much for taking note of my feedback =) I still love BDJ planners, just this Sunday I went to the National book store to browse over it again for the nth time haha, it's the cute girly design that won me over the first time I saw it. BDJ is not BDJ without the cute girly design and super sulit coupons =p

    I just have to rest my shoulders and try a simpler planner but I'm still gonna anticipate for BDJ's 2011 planner =)

  4. some planners just dont work for me...

    3 years ago, before i graduated law,
    i manually designed my own planner and printed it to fit the kind of hectic daily routine i had before.

    single lines for every hour entry was not enough because i usually divide my tasks by 3 every single hour during daytime!

    ugh... this post reminded me those days... thank God i survived it!
    a good planner is a must!

    have a wonderful day chelle =)


  5. Yeah I agree it is pretty hard to make a planner fit your own unique lifestyle but somehow I got to adapt to the planner... When I was still majoring in communication arts my sched was also hectic sometimes the planner cannot accommodate all the things I do within the day since there's a lot going on in a shoot so I stick post it notes with additional things to do =p

    have a great day too Jing! =)