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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas for Make-Up Addicts

Here are some of my stocking stuffers when you want to buy a luxurious gift for your makeupholic family and friends ^.^

Benefit CORALista
Can I just say it again that I love coral blushes? I think it's also flattering for almost any skin tone

Benefit's latest release is Sugarbomb; it resembles a lot like Jill Stuart's mix blush

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque is quite pretty!
I love how Dragon looks so blood red and it is a perfect give this festive season

YSL Rouge Volupte Lip Stick
This one's for your gal pal who's not color shy; the color payoff is consistent and it glides on very smoothly

Givenchy Phenom Eyes
This is a curious little creature in my sight; everyone wants to try that sphere shaped wand

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick
Eek! I'm getting this from Sis Martha next week!
I've been waiting and waiting for good beauty buys; I also tried to get a Stila trio eyeshadow in Gold Glow for Php350 but luckily the seller wasn't responding to my messages and I stumbled upon Martha's sale! Lucky me! The best thing is I just have to add Php150 to a Givenchy upgrade. Good things truly comes to those who wait.

Jill Stuart Lip Stick (I like the Rose Coral one! Looks so wearable)
I love good packaging; with this one you almost don't need to gift wrap because the packaging itself is a gem
This one has a sheer formula compared to the other lippie product on the list so this is great for the color shy.

Same with this one, Jill Stuart Mix Blush
Try to get the other colors with white powder; it can serve as highlighter too!

Jill Stuart Eye Shadow Palette

Almost all Jill Stuart products are in sync with the festive season, don't you think?
It looks so elegant!

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 2
If you've got a friend who's starting with her eye make up I think this is a great starter kit
It has almost every color from nudes, black, grey, gold, violet, blue, green
It also has two mini 24/7 eyeliners and a small primer potion
I've got this one and I'm pretty satisfied with it!=)

Stila Smudge Pot Holiday Set
I really love this holiday set too and the box saves you time and energy from wrapping this up
It also has To: and From: printed on top of the box so you just have to write your names on it ^.^
The box's silver snow flake print is also adorable
I accidentally dropped my Starry Night on the floor but the glass jar didn't break! It just bounced on the floor and rolled until it stopped (along with my heart) haha, now isn't that great?

MAC Baroque Boudoir Lip Stick
Aah... The packaging says it all

MAC Lip Stick
Everybody loves their MAC lipstick and it should be great to put a smile on someone's face when you give them a tube of MAC Lip Stick

Hope this helps! I try to incorporate a lot of lip sticks in this stocking stuffer list because almost everybody uses lipstick or some sort of lip product.
Always remember it's not how much the gift costs; it's always the thought of the gift giver that counts the most. =)


  1. All these products are so pretty

  2. HI chelle!
    are you coming to HK in January :D? I think most stores will have sales coz its post-christmas !!!
    if you're coming ot HK, are you planning to get Jill Stuart ??? XD

    I'm lemming that benefit 4-colored blush too! but i won't be in hk when they release i guess i will wait for it to appear on strawberrynet :P

  3. Hey :)

    I agree you should do some JS haul lol, at least get a few of the signature items? (blush quad, eye jelly, e/s quad etc). The sales ladies at JS are not that helpful though, they can be rather snobbish (actually the whole company is quite).

    What are you planning on getting besides JS? lol

  4. Chelle, please note that the Sephora in HK is really small :( it doens't stock UD, it used to have Shiseido but i think they no longer do, but you can still find tons of other usual brands there !!! I strongly suggest you to check out some Canmake products, esp the jewel star eye cream shadow (i just got another one myself today!) :P

    I used Shu curlers all the way but I am thinking of changing either to Shiseido or Koji :/

  5. Shu doesn't have replacement pads :( does shiseido sell those?

    do u find Shu's pads turned soft very quickly?

  6. it used to be retailed at 120 HKD but now it's 108 HKD i think

    do u have windows live messenger btw? maybe its easier to talk there ^^