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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Benefit Lemming

Lately I've been having some Benefit lemmings, I don't know why. I found the Benefit Beauty Book Catalogue and I'll just show you the lemmings I want and as well show you guys what the Beauty Book Catalogue looks like.

I got this from Beneblog so the Benefit Cosmetics Price list written on the catalogue is actually the Hong Kong Dollar price.

Jean and Jane, co-founders of Benefit Cosmetics

This one! I've been lemming for this pretty coral blush. I love coral blushes as opposed to pink blushes. I have a natural blush or flush already and if I use a pink tone blush it would just make me look overdone or slapped. When I'm using coral blushes it makes me look naturally glowing.

I'm digging the That Gal face primer too

I find the bene tint expensive HK$310

Love their powders!

Coralista be mine! I also want to get 10 because it is a highlighter and bronzer in one. I've been wanting to own a bronzer and highlighter even if I know I'm not going to use it daily, so this is quite perfect; it just has the small amount I need.

I never thought of this! If you like a lip stick shade, you might as well clip the lips off the magazine and put it on top of your lips to check if it suits you!

I'm thinking of getting one silky satin finish lipstick... Hmmm...


  1. ah!!! they have newer catalogues in HK now :) there are 2 newer ones i think, maybe they haven't uploaded in their blogs? anyways you can find benefit cheaper at sites like strawberrynet (i highly recommend their discounted stuff).

    Benefit in HK has increased their prices (as if they think it's not expensive enough....)
    before the price increase, benetint was sold at 290 i think @_@
    anyway, hope can help you :)

  2. Wow really? I found this one on the Freebies section ^.^ It's the Spring 2009 Beauty Book... I wish I could order at strawberrynet but I don't have a credit card yet...

    I wanna go to Hong Kong for Benefit! Haha, I just have to brush up on my Cantonese- it's my weakest link...