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Saturday, November 21, 2009

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Sweetie

Finally! A review on my first MAC lipstick in Sweetie; I bought this at MAC Rockwell for Php970.00
MAC describes it as ultra-sweet pink lipstick under the lustre lipstick category.

One reason why I bought a MAC lipstick is their bullet lipstick case; I also like the sturdy feel of the swivel mechanism of the lipstick.

Don't be fooled by the color on the tube! MAC Sweetie is very very light on the lips as if it's more of a tinted lip balm. This is my first MAC lipstick and I think I made a mistake because I did not know MAC lipsticks also has vanilla scent and as I have written on my previous blogs I feel very light-headed with vanilla scented lip products already. However, I have already bought this and used this for quite some time now so I don't want to toss this aside and let it expire. I usually use this for daily wear because it looks very light and natural.

It glides on a lot like my Shu Uemura lipstick if you put on a lip balm as a base, but if not I feel that it is very waxy compared to Shu Uemura. With Shu Uemura lipsticks you do not even need to put on a lip balm first to make the lipstick glide on smoothly; it just does on it's own. MAC Sweetie's staying power is also okay; it lasts the same time as Shu Uemura so I am quite satisfied with this one and since it is for a normal daily wear I do not mind retouching my lipstick every now and then. Also when it wears off it does not look so obvious because the color fades evenly mainly due to the light formula. The formula is very smooth and I cannot feel any coarse glitter so that's a big plus for me.

I might not purchase another MAC lipstick because of the vanilla scent and I might try out other lipstick brands and pay more attention to the scent it has, I like Shu Uemura lipsticks because of its light floral-fruity scent.


  1. hello chelle =)

    i have sweetie too. its a nice pink shade.

  2. Hi Jing! =) Yeah it's really a pretty pink shade, it's my MLBB along with Shu Uemura PK308 ^.^

  3. i lurve mac lippies. :) i'm planning to get peachstock soon. :)

    buti na lang i can tolerate scents in cosmetics :)

    i have lightly ripe, courtesy of hubby. and i love it! :)

  4. Lucky you!!! Haha! If only I didn't used Bloom's lip gloss 24/7 for several years before I could probably stand the scent of vanilla... =p