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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What to Get: Jill Stuart Palette or Stila All Doll'd Up Palette?


I'm so torn between the two ='( What should I get?

I like Stila because of the good value it has, for 12 shades you will only pay Php1250, however I will be getting my Urban Decay Book of Shadows next week or next next week already and it has 16 shades in it, I'm thinking if this is a bargain or just another hoarding that would go to waste because I could not finish up the Urban Decay eye shadow palette easily and I'm afraid the Stila palette would expire before I could even maximize using all of the shades in it.

Do Stila eye shadows expire in a span of a year or two?

I like the Jill Stuart palette because of the gemstone packaging and the jewel tone colors of the 4 piece palette but it costs Php2350 and I am planning to buy one next year after I get to maximize using my Urban Decay Book of Shadows.

What is the wiser shopping action to take? Hmmm...

Photo credit to Airvony for the Jill Stuart pic ^.^


  1. Obviously Jill Stuart!!! go for JS!!
    I have tried those Stila palette already and quite disappointed. The texture and quality is different from the normal line. And when I apply on my eye lid, the e/s fall to my cheek and it's so difficult to blend.

  2. Thanks Kathy! ^.^ Yeah I'm gonna go for Jill Stuart next year, I've thought about it last night and I should just put my money in the bank and control my spendings =)