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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Mira Hotel Review Part 3

Okay! So this would be the last part of The Mira hotel review.
I would like to highlight one of their interior design which is very essential for our daily living- the bathroom!

Can you base it on the picture why? It's transparent! The whole shower room is made out of glass.
When you take off your clothes and take a bath it's gonna be a live show! Just kidding =p
I love the concept because it makes the room look spacious especially if the room is quite small. It looks so borderless, right? I've always wanted to try living in a house without walls dividing the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc.
We just booked a single king or queen size bed for a family of five because all the other bigger room and more bed are fully booked.
It's pretty cramped but we all love the bathroom.

There's my brother inside the bathroom and I'm standing beside the bed

See the bedside lamp? So cool right? I want one of those!

Don't fret for those who want a lil privacy, there is a pair of automatic venetian blinds to the rescue!
But of course you'll still feel a bit uneasy if you'll notice you can peek on the corner of the shower room so just turn the water temperature up and let the steam cloud another layer of shield for you.

Here's the view inside the bathroom
The bed is quite messy and the bags are all out because we're leaving that day.

The automatic venetian blinds to the rescue! It's going down... Down... Down...

Here's the control panel
The mood buttons are for the lights
Open and Close are meant for the venetian blinds if you want it open or close
Up and Down are the buttons for pulling the blinds up or down

That's my youngest brother, he's going to pee but we were teasing him not to pull the blinds down =p haha!

Here's another thing I love. The disc shape is a Sony Vaio CPU and there's a wireless keyboard.
You see, this hasn't reached our shores yet but please oh please that's such a great computer! Aesthetically pleasing too and it looks so clutter free, right? The monitor is their flat screen TV so it's an enjoyable experience surfing over the net; you just need to press some button from the TV remote control so it would automatically turn the CPU on and let you surf. The Sony Vaio performs very well and it doesn't lag which is great.

The Mira's internet service is complimentary so you don't need to worry paying for it. My father was very worried haha! =p


  1. Cool bathroom, probably good for...honeymooners? Hehe :)

    But I like the vaio stuff super!!! That's so convenient like if you're in the bedroom you just use your tv and type on the bed...that would be awesome.

  2. Yeah I agree this is great for honeymooners ^.^

    I love the Vaio! I wish we'd have this in the Philippines... It's so convenient diba? We don't need to buy a separate monitor which is practical...