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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Order Survey- for Philippine buyers

Hi girls! Recently I've been getting in touch with my cousin in the US
We're planning to bring Urban Decay's much coveted Alice in Wonderland book of shadows to the Philippines!
But first we'd like to conduct a survey and know how many are interested so we'll know approx. how many sets to import.

Kindly leave a comment below if you're interested!
Thanks! =)

While we're at it we're also planning to bring NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip gloss


So if you want these items to come here in the Philippines kindly leave your comments below so we would know how many sets to ship out.



  1. I want! Pero sana not too expensive. No more than P3,000? :)

  2. ohhhh how much will the palette cost if ever, i want~ :3

  3. I've been thinking of getting that Alice in Wonderland palette.

  4. I would love that Alice in Wonderland palette. Please email if you are really pushing through with the sale. Thank you.

  5. so sorry to be posting as anoynymous. don't know how to post as I have never done it--the previous post is mine and I left my email add. Thanks

  6. that's okay =) thanks so much to those who have posted, we're still on the look out for Alice's appearance in stores on Feb 1 ^.^

    We can have it shipped from US to US location but it would take more time, our goal is to get Alice and have it shipped to the Philippines exactly the same day it's out...

    I'll be posting the reservation schedule (with early bird offer) once we've confirmed we can get Alice in Wonderland BOS ^.^

  7. Now I will have to start saving money:)But thanks for the opportunity to own the palette. Kindly keep us posted.

  8. preorder starts now until midnight only! ^.^ we're keeping the preorder short because of the limited quantities Urban Decay will allocate to selected Sephora stores

    kindly check here:

  9. hi I'm pretty much interested please keep me posted :) here's my e-add thanks :) more power to you. God bless!

  10. I'm really interested in buying UD's Alice in Wonderland. I hope it's well within reasonable price... here's my e-mail address

  11. hi gals =) I'm sorry but AIW has been out of stock since march =(