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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Lemming for these Kirkland Brushes!

My cousin sent me these photos of her own Kirkland brushes and oh my!
It looks so sleek and professional looking set of brushes
I love the box, I want! I want!

Seriously, can I keep one when the package gets here?
Pretty please?
I can hear a solid 'no, not for you'

The box closed
Really, this is a big big temptation to me, haha!

sideview of the box
My cousin said the brushes are really soft even after washing them several times.
Darn great brushes! Quite cheap too for 15 pieces, now I wish I waited for these to arrive

another side view

I'm becoming desperate about this because it's almost gone from the Costco shelves in their place because it's just for the holidays. No!!!

Come to mama you big set of good brushes ^.^
I wanna get one but I can imagine my sneaky hand being shooed away
Aw... I'm tempted to sell my current brush set >.<

Great for travelling!

No wait, these are the travel brush set but really,
I'm satisfied with the big ones because of the pouch.

please, pretty please, come to mama now ='(

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