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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes Eye Shadow Palette in Princess Sapphire

Today I'm looking forward to review one of my HG eye shadow- the Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes Eye Shadow Palette in Princess Sapphire. 

Here's what Jill Stuart says:
A set of 4 eye colors to create radiant eyes with layers of pure color and shine like a sprinkle of dazzling stones.

Now contains "Enriched Milk Base". Thanks to its rich texture, the milky base blends seamlessly with the pearlescent pgiments for rich, clear and glossy color with dazzling shin. 

With a moisturizing texture, it spreads smoothly oever the eye are for a gentle but perfect finish.
Long-lasting clear color and shine with creasing or dullness.

Like in a jewelry box, the palette contains sparkling princess-cut eye colors. The edges of the elegant compact have been encrusted with brilliant-cut crystals.
Includes a dual-tip applicator that holds just the right amount of product for easy application.

A (Jewel Crush)... For pure shine reminiscent of large crushed jewels
B (Jewel Shine)... For a nuanced sheen with the radiance, shine and color of a gem
C (Jewel Gleam)... For the elegant sparkle and glossy color of a precious stone
D (Jewel Shade)... For a deep glossy color evoking a vintage jewel

Contains Jewel Crush pearlescent pigments. 
Contains Pure Crystal Powder.
Crystal Floral bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use
Apply B to the areas you want to highlight. Next, use C followed by D to add color and depth. Finish off with A to add sparkle to the entire lid. 

Beauty Essences
Almond oil (Emolient)
Wild Rose extract (Moisturizer) 

What I say:
I usually don't believe in these product description but for this palette I have to say I DO believe that this look like jewel in your eyes. 
I just wish the camera could capture the beautiful jewel colors but sadly it doesn't.
Just believe in me when I say I became a glitter eye shadow convert =p the glitters does not fall out easily, it has one of the best quality around in my opinion. Please take note that I was a glitter eye shadow hater before ^.^
The pigmentation is not so heavy; it looks quite light and sheen but it does evoke a nice natural glowing look. 

The eyeshadow would withstand the Philippine humid and weather especially now that we're experiencing summer earlier than the others.

Here's how the elegant box looks like
I love lace and filigree patterns so I must say Jill Stuart is really the make up for me!

in Taiwan it costs NT$1450 for those who need information how much this would cost
Taiwan's Jill Stuart is the cheapest! Comparing it to Hong Kong and Japan.
If you want a good bargain just order from Taiwan courtesy of the lovely Bon

Uh-huh... I agree! I agree!

In Princess Sapphire
I love it that the box is sealed with another protective plastic so you can make sure that it hasn't been opened
*Ehem* I've been hearing complaints about opened and used make up Sephora delivers. With Jill Stuart you'll have a peace of mind because it's sealed. 

Here's how it looks like at the bottom of the palette. The plastic is actually sturdy and I'm surprised it feels sturdier than Shu Uemura's version of clear plastic packaging. To those who are saying that Shu Uemura's packaging looks cheap, Jill Stuart's clear plastic packaging will not make you feel that way. 
In fact, I really feel like a princess using these products!

On top of the eyeshadow is another protective clear plastic! That's why I LOVE Japanese make up. 
They try to make sure you're satisfied with the quality and the packaging. I'm paying for overall quality control and I've got no problem with that. 

Here's how the plastic looks like, it also protects the sponge tip applicator. Take note that the plastic is not flimsy- it's quite hard actually.

Sponge tip applicators are best used for glittery eye shadow as it will help not to get glitter all over your face but even when I use my regular flat eye shadow brush to pack on the color and glitter there's not much fall out because I use Urban Decay Primer Potion before anything else. 

The sponge tip feels very sturdy. If you'll check the photo above, I love how detailed it is; it's not your ordinary disposable sponge tip applicator- it even has an engraved "Jill Stuart" logo and metal plated ferrule. It feels heavy and durable. The sponge's cut is very precise and the material is very firm; this is one of the best sponge applicator I've ever seen. 

Beauty for the Brains: 
I always tell others that sometimes it's hard to wear real jewelries outside the comforts of your own home because life is really hard and your safety is at stake whenever you show real jewelries on the streets or elsewhere. I just compensate by wearing good make up because it has less security risk for me and I love it. 

However, I'm not saying that we have a lot of thieves in the Philippines. I'm merely saying I want to be safe and secure so I don't wear jewelries.

Also, when a man steals, it does not mean that the man is naturally evil, it just means that society is not giving the man enough access to financial resources. The man might be stealing because his child is hungry or his parents need medicine due to malnutrition. There are reasons why a man steals- not just because he is innately evil.
I recently watched a Jackie Chan Hong Kong film tackling about reason why a man steals and it's good that they're putting stealing in another perspective; do not judge a person because he steals, understand the man better why he does that and have some dignity when you try to point your fingers to the unprivileged sisters and brothers. 
The Philippines has a lot of indie films tackling about this but we have yet to infiltrate the mainstream cinema just to get this message across. 

Stealing is just a concept created by the rich to control the poor from getting what is naturally abundant around us. Back in those days when we live as tribes, we never had a concept of ownership and stealing- we share everything, right? 


  1. haha i know! Taiwan carries the cheapest JS. I buy mine from Sogo though, I haven't checked out the counter in the department store you bought yours. haha I will next time~ the protective cover is different from the old versions! hmmm pretty/interesting.....
    Thanks for the review~

  2. Don't you just lurve Taiwan for cheaper make up? =p I think Bon bought mine from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Xin Kuang Xan Tsi (?) reading it from the price tag, my Chinese is rusty haha

    your welcome! =) Up next is Jill Stuart Moist
    Silk Liquid Foundation...

  3. The colors look rather sheer but beautiful! I must admit that jill stuart makes the cutest packaging, the tiniest detail.

  4. Hi Lisa! Yes it's quite sheer but it looks beautiful ^.^ Now I'm lemming for more Jill Stuart eyeshadow palettes! Aah! <3