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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lemming for MAC Too Fabulous Collection

Recently I've almost hit the pan of my L'oreal Blush Delice and I'm very very proud of myself! =D
So... I'm quite excited to go blush shopping since blush is my most neglected collection in my dresser; I've only got two but of course it's practical and I would end up hitting the pan quicker that way. But sometimes it feels so boring putting on the same blush everyday. Make up is like clothing; you want to change everyday depending on your mood and style.

So when I saw MAC Too Fabulous collection from The Muse,  hmmm... It made me deliberate getting Jill Stuart Mix Blush, Benefit Coralista or this one... 

it looks so cute!

here are the description courtesy of the Muse:
  • MAC Soft Ice Cream Blusher (Mineral Blush Duo)
Rhapsody in Two (light pink and peach colors)
Two Virtues (light pink and violet)
Chic Couple (light yellow-brown with peach)
Bi-Tone (rose red with brown)
Buddy Up (deep rosy pink with yellow)
Sun & Moon (natural brown with pink-brown)

I'm eyeing Rhapsody in Two since I love light pink and peach colors for my cheeks. 
For more MAC Too Fabulous product deets go to The Muse 
For MAC Too Fabulous collection swatches go to Haru


  1. ooh really pretty! darn i have a soft spot for mineralized stuff.

  2. I'm loving the description of Rhapsody in Two...and the name is sweet too, not that it matters =P

  3. Love it! There's something about marbled blushes that I find SO attractive.

  4. ditto! ^.^ it's luring me to get one...