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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation in 202 Ivory

Tadaah! This is one of my prized possession now. Well, my BRTC BB cream is at its last few days before it's all gone so yes I'm ready to use Jill Stuart now. Jill Stuart is quite hard to find in some parts of the globe and luckily for us here in South East Asia, I got this from Bon just from our neighboring country Taiwan. ^.^
Wo yaw hwei chi Tai Wan ran hou wo mai hen tuo Jill Stuart tai lai Fei Li Pin! 
sucks when your computer can't type Chinese words haha =p 

I actually used this on my graduation day and it's almost a no-no to change your foundation on the special day itself because you might not like the results and skin reaction later on. I took a gamble and it's all worth it. You get what you paid for. 

This is the box itself; it looks so simple and elegant.

Japanese words- I don't know how to read 'em =p
but I do know Jill Stuart's Moist Silk Liquid Foundation has SPF18 and it's 30ml. It costs Y4000- you do the math.

The top box lid is very simple and yet intricately designed. I love how Jill Stuart pays so much attention to simple things.

Here is how it looks like open- Aw... It doesn't have a pump ='(
That's the sad thing about this but that's okay it wouldn't be long before I finish this up- hopefully!

You have to tip and pour a small amount on your palm or mixing plate if you have one.

let's go to the cap design- it looks very very sophisticated

Here's the top view

What Jill Stuart says:
Liquid foundation with a silky soft feel and natural coverage. Blends easily for a semi-matte, chiffon like complexion. 

At first I cannot understand why they call it 'chiffon like complexion' but now I do, you just have to see it for yourself. 

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation Swatch in 202 Ivory

I know it looks funny haha, I was afraid I might pour too much because I'm only doing a swatch for now and we know how hell expensive Jill Stuart is, right? 

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid foundation also has the signature mild floral rose scent which I am addicted to; don't worry the scent goes away after a while =)

Surprisingly the consistency is 75% liquid and 25% creamy in texture so it just gives you the right consistency. You can easily blend this and yet it's not too watery or runny. 
I used MAC 187 stippling brush and it works very very well; it distributes the amount needed without having to drag the bristles just to spread the foundation.

It also blends perfectly to my skin tone. This is my perfect match!

Coverage: It almost concealed my small pimples perfectly. It doesn't do well like a real concealer would do but whenever I use this I don't need to pat on concealer anymore because it does it's job to hide pimples fairly well.

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation does create a nice smooth and soft half matte looking canvass- I cannot explain how it happens but it seems as if you have naturally good skin and you're glowing from within;  just check the photo below on my graduation day.

I'm very very satisfied with this foundation. Oil control is also great; I have a moderately oily T-zone and the day I wore Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation I only felt some oil on my forehead around 12 noon when I applied my foundation around 5am in the morning. 

It dries up fast too; no sticky yucky night cream feel on my skin. Perfect for humid weather. At first I was worried this was gonna be thick because this was released during the winter season and it is called 'Moist' but then again it's a great product, it didn't let me down. 

Paired with Jill Stuart Day Care Essence as a base- it's base make up heaven! I've never been this satisfied using base make up before...


  1. you are glowing in your grad pic chelle.

  2. Chelle, you have to let me know how did you pick the perfect shade for yourself without seeing it in person!? :P it's awesome to have a foundation matched perfectly!

    and may I ask what your MAC shade is?

  3. @Jing thank you Jing!!! ^.^

    @Jennifer haha! I don't know =p I just picked it out, 101 seems too pale for me and 303 seems darker so I picked 202 =p

    I'm not sure with my MAC shade I don't own any MAC powder or foundie yet *gasp! I know it's a crime* hahaha

  4. Haha you did a good job guessing the right shade! Anyway, wow wow this looks really good!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. @Soapholic I was quite lucky! ^.^ But I think most Jill stuart foundies would match skin tones fairly well because they seem to adjust to your skin tone after a while... Or maybe I'm just 'high' with Jill Stuart right now... haha!

  6. hello chelle! thanks for posting this in your blog (",)

    *** ***

  7. no prob Bon!!! ^.^ it's always a pleasure purchasing from you...