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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Name that MAC Seahorse Pressed Powder!

So the seahorse cat is out of the compact bag!

This is named Marine Life Multicolour Pressed Powder! 
So this is a MAC Highlight Powder, does this double as a bronzer or just really a highlighter?

It comes with the Back to the Beach Collection to be released on May 27, 2010
MAC is making a buzz in the beauty blogsphere! 

What do you think? I would love this if it comes in the classic black matte MAC case
The only thing that's stopping me is the green glossy case =/ It looks quite tacky to me but it does fit well with the theme. 


  1. hey, the seahorse imprint is so adorable! and I think although it's not in the classy black case, it's something different and refreshing. It's for the beach and it's suppose to look fun! :D I love to achieve the sunkissed look too..

  2. I agree the seahorse is adorable! ^.^ it's nice you find the packaging refreshing =) it does fit well with the beach theme... Aw... I wish I could look at it that way too!

  3. you're right the green case doesn't look nice, but the design of the powder is just gorgeous!

  4. I agree ^.^ the seahorse design is just too gorgeous!

  5. I love the green!!!! I think its fresh and modern! Seahorses rock.