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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jill Stuart Day Care Essence

Whew! I'm on a roll on Jill Stuart stuffs here, I can't help it... It's so addicting! ^.^ 
Today I'm going to review Jill Stuart Day Care Essence as my make-up base or primer.
Oh, guess what? I'm getting Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact from my ever reliable and super friendly suki Bon soon!

Here's what Jill Stuart Says: 
Sun protector with smooth, lightweight texture. Helps keep your skin supple and bright while protecting from UVA/UVB rays. 
29g SPF30/PA++ 

Spreads effortlessly over skin and protects from ultraviolet rays and dryness, without leaveing any white residue behind. Covers up visible pores for a smooth, natural finish. Can also be used as a make-up base. 
To Use: 
Apply an appropriate amount on your skin.
Use a pearl sized drop when applying as a base for make-up base

fragaria chiloensis/ strawberry fruit juice
Rubus Idaeus/ raspberry fruit extract
Citrus Paradisi/ grapefruit extract

Lovely ingredients!

here's how the tube looks like at the back
Though the tube looks like a foil, it's not so whenever you squeeze it, it will go back to it's original shape.
Good thing! I don't like foil-like tube that goes out of shape when squeezed. 

I just lurve Jill Stuart packaging! <3

The cap is round and cut like a big diamond ball but the base is flat so you can stand the tube in an upright position but I don't prefer doing this because the essence sometimes leaks; it doesn't drip or leak so much but you would find a very very small amount essence on the cap when left standing up overnight.

I love it that it's sealed inside

Tadaah! The opening is just small so you can just squeeze the right amount and you won't waste so much of this precious skin saver.
I also think this is more hygienic than tube with bigger openings because there's a lesser chance for bacteria to get through.

Jill Stuart Day Care Essence swatch

The essence looks pinkish white but it goes on clear when smoothened out on your skin. It smells like lovely berries perfect for spring. Don't worry though, the mild scent goes away after a while.

My skin easily absorbs the fluid; it's not greasy at all. Hurrah for non-greasy products because we live in a tropical country! ^.^ Plus when the essence comes into contact with skin it has a cool feeling that's nice especially for summer. 

As a primer it does it's job to keep my make up from melting under constant heat. I also wore this on my graduation and that day was very warm plus I was wearing a thick black Harry Potter like toga but I didn't experience any make-up melting fiasco. It does help cream concealer glide on smoothly, look ma, no more caking! 

As for the pore coverage; I'm not sure but I think I did see some visible results. I have small pores visible on my forehead and whenever I put on BB cream,yes, I admit it looks obvious but that's okay and tolerable for normal days. When I used Jill Stuart Day Care Essence along with Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation I can barely see the pores and my skin looks flawless- perfect for special occasions! 

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