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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Was Told to Be Proud of My Title

During my graduation I wasn't really proud of my title Honorable Mention
When I was studying and doing on projects, I did my best because I wanted to and I enjoyed doing what I did; not because I was aiming for the title. 

When this came it was a bit of a surprise for me, then I remember I can't even count the numerous Dean's List certificates I own. All are stowed away in my closet; whenever I get my certificate I just shove it inside a folder and when I get home I keep it in my closet. 
I only bought one frame for all the certificates; it was already bulging that I got a brown envelope and stored most inside the envelope instead. 

In a meritocratic society people do give due respect to these titles because as they say it shows how good you are. 

However I don't believe in that; who would believe in that crap when you're raised by a father who just finished Grade 3?

Grades are nothing but just numbers. When I initially got this I thought "Big deal..."

However, my father learned that I got a distinction. I said "Nah, it's below Cum Laude"
But he said it's good enough, after all I've worked hard... He was smiling ear to ear. 

That's when I felt proud; 
I felt proud not because it shows how good or smart a person is;
I felt proud of my title because it made my father and mother happy and proud.

Here's how it looks pinned on my toga

Just curious, it's made in Cebu =p 

Right now the badge is still here in front of me, I don't know when it will join the pool of Dean's List Certificates. 
This one is precious not because of the title itself but because of the memory it holds that my parents are proud of me. 


  1. Aww Chelle, congratulations!:) You've got both beauty and brains. ;) Your parents really must be so proud. :)

  2. thank you very much! =) I think they're pretty proud... Haha! XD

  3. awww... i am also proud of your achievement chelle. i am sure you would definitely fare well as regard your any chosen career. good luck =)

  4. thanks Jing! ^.^ welcome back from your Bora trip!!!

  5. It is very touching when you find out people you love are truly proud of you. I'm glad you got to experience that special feeling! =)

  6. thanks RicAdeMus =) it is very touching and overwhelming feeling that my parents are proud of me =) I can still remember how I felt that special day...