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Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's Inside Jill Stuart News 2010

Bon sent me this along with my Jill Stuart haul.
How thoughtful of her! ^.^ She knows how much I love lurking on Jill Stuart's website to check out new stuffs to hoard but my problem is that the internet sucks so it takes a while to load the website.
So she shipped this out along with my first Jill Stuart haul so I could just browse through in the catalog instead of waiting a great deal of time just waiting for the site to load. 

I'd like to share this catalog with you especially those Jill Stuart fanatics in the Philippines 
This is a labor of love since I squeezed the whole catalog into our new scanner printer in one (it almost chewed the catalog in the rollers huhu)

*click on the photos to enlarge*

I want another Jewel Crystal Eyes in Ruby!
And Dazzling Moon...
And Eye Jelly in Platinum Satin...
And Midnight Shine...

I want Mix Blush in Little Bouquet
Fresh Apricot
Fairy Rose
*uh oh this is the start of the blush phase!*

I also want Jill Stuart lipstick in Rosy Coral
I want to sneak some lip gloss too but all these lemmings are already making me feel so guilty... 

I don't like nail polish since it smells bad, it chips easily and I feel like my nails can't breathe...
 But lovely shade Sweet Syrup is luring me to get one!
Thank God I got their great foundation already...

Whew! I'm clear in this category =p no wallet burning lemming in this page

Nada! Not here too =p I got the Day Care Essence already...
 the lemmings mentioned above are all wallet burning enough for me...Haha! 

I'm not done yet! 
I recently saw Haru's post on Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N 

Ah... I've been waiting for this since I am planning to get this once my current Kanebo powder foundie is finished... <3

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