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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Miss DLSU-M's Food! Plus 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake in the Philippines

Finally! After a couple of months deprived of all the oily unhealthy but oh so yummy De La Salle University-Manila food, I finally caved in and trekked all the way there just to eat and of course visit my boyfriend who's been really busy working so hard just to graduate this term. <3

I miss eating Sumo Bowl's Pesto rice with Chicken Tenders. Sumo Bowl is located at DLSU-M's SPS building, 2nd floor canteen. 
Chicken Tenders with Pesto Rice costs Php90 with a large cup of Nestea Iced Tea.

I know it sounds ridiculously expensive for canteen food compared to the other top universities but hey it's La Salle and land value is very expensive here, someone's got to pay for the rent. Check the condominiums out and find out how much you have to shell out if you wanna live near De La Salle University-Manila. 

Yum yum... I know this isn't gourmet but so is my taste bud, I'm not choosy with my food or the location of the food place, SPS isn't one of the better canteens in La Salle but as long as it tastes good, let's dig in! <3

Chicken Tenders is basically strips of chicken coated in a special tasty batter, deep fried to a perfect crisp then placed on a bed of pesto rice alongside with the dressing.
I know you've heard of pesto mixed in pasta but pesto mixed in rice is actually delicious; it brings out the aroma of the pesto and the rice absorbs pesto's fragrance.

Here's me looking happy with my food, people tell me I got thinner even when I'm just bumming here at home for almost 3 months! 
Probably that's because I don't eat breakfast anymore because when I get up late in the morning I take a bath, clean the house and then eat my home cooked lunch which usually has less oil and less fat. When I was still studying I used to eat home cooked breakfast, fast food lunch and dinner plus occasional snacks to give me a boost of energy.

I still feel like I'm still studying though I graduated already, it's just that I feel like I'm merely cutting my classes for a long period of time =p haha! 
I still look like a student, don't I? ^.^ 

here's a break down of my simple make up for the day:
Jill Stuart Day Care Essence
Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation in Ivory
Shu Uemura Pro Concealer
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
MAC eye shadow in Goldmine
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus
Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot
Kiehl's Lipbalm #1
Jill Stuart lipstick in Baby Coral

I'm also wearing sun screen, it's Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock in SPF30

Here's a photo of a dog in Agno wearing shorts, coolness! I missed this moment! 
There are a lot of stray dogs and cats but they always stay in La Salle because students usually give them food and often times even pet 'em. This dog is thin actually, a lot of cats and dogs are fat and plump!

All photos are taken by my boyfriend since he owns Nikon D80
 I'm starting to pronounce 'Nikon' like my photography professor Ms. Teena Saulo does: 'Nay-kon' instead of 'Nee-Kon'

Hope everybody is safe!
Philippines experienced a maximum of 6.2 magnitude earthquake today
I knew it would come sooner or later, cockroaches started to come out from the grounds and they were running amok for the past two days. 
Last night I watched the news in 24 Oras that the fish in some part in Manila rose from the deep waters and it was unusual for the fishies to do so.

According to ANCalerts via Twitter
Quezon City felt intensity 4 
Makati and Mandaluyong felt intensity 3-4
6.1 magnitude was felt 139km away from Manila
in Mindoro coast it was around 6.2 my friend Niko told me

There's no tsunami alert yet and I hope it will stay that way
Still, let's all pray for our safety. 


  1. hahah LOL that dog is sooo cute yet funny at the same time!
    hehehe you do look like a student. It's a good thing to look young. The food looks great~

  2. The dog is so adorable! <3 ^.^ thanks! I'd take that as a compliment! =p it shocks me sometimes, others still think I'm just applying as a first year college student! =|

    The food is great! I really missed how it tastes...

  3. You and the dog are both adorable!! Thanks for the food pics--yummo!

    Good luck to all the people in the Philippines affected by the earthquake!

  4. Aw... Thank you Jamilla! ^.^ They don't give great food presentation but it really tastes good!

    So far so good, we're still safe =)

  5. @Chelle, how is the rating for Nikon D80? OK ba? Someone recommended it eh. Thinking stage pa lang... haaa...

  6. Hmmm... Nikon D80 is okay and good na for random photography... but if you're a professional photographer it's not that good pa...