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Friday, March 26, 2010

Shiseido Acne Lotion- Has Anyone Encounter This Product Before?

Last night my mother gave me her bottle of Shiseido Acne Lotion, she forgot where she acquired but
But I think this was acquired when we went to Taiwan since the accompanying instructional paper is in Chinese.

I would like to use this but I don't know any product details on this one, I tried Googling it but nothing is coming out. I think this is one of Shiseido's exclusive products to Taiwan, I saw a lot of Shiseido products unavailable here and it's hard to find information of such products when you Google it in English.

Here's the Chinese version of the bottle label.

I know it says lotion but like most Asian products, they usually refer toners to lotions. I tried it yesterday and it's a strong drying toner actually but the good news is that my pimple inflammations are lessened today. I just might use this for spot applications since it stings my skin.

You know what, this reminds me of Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion since it has the powder on the bottom and liquid on top. It smells medicine-like which is the same with Mario Badescu. 

I also have Shiseido's Eau de Carmin, another product I can't find much info when I Google it in English, I'll post it tomorrow perhaps you gals might be able to help me! ^.^


  1. I think it will not harm your facial skin since it's made by shisheido i guess. however, making it like a spot treatment seems to be a good idea. :)

  2. @Bea yeah ^.^ Shiseido's reputation is pretty much at stake here if they harm anyone's skin haha! Yeah it's very very strong so using it as a spot treatment would be better in my case =)

  3. This is being sold in leading Taiwan drugstores. I haven't tried it though. It is supposed to be for acne treatment so spot application should be a reasonable usage.

  4. @Shirley Yeah I'm just gonna use this as a spot treatment ^.^ Tama hinala ko galing Taiwan nga ito, di na maalala ni mama e haha

  5. It looks fake, though. The packaging seems to be too cheap to made by Shiseido. You see a lot of MAC stuff on Ebay that definitely look like MAC, only it's not from MAC. I believe it's a dupe.

  6. @Diega, I think I saw this being sold on either Watson's Taiwan or 康是美Taiwan (forgot the english name) so it couldn't be fake. These are big big drugstore chains in Taiwan and selling fakes instore could entail huge legal consequences. =)

  7. @Diega nope this is also not fake. Shiseido is a cosmetic company, it makes high end makeup and low end as well, I'm not sure this Shiseido's price but it might be in the low end.

    there are a whole lot of Shiseido products not available in the Philippines that's available in Taiwan. Sadly, we only have the high end ones, however the low end ones are also effective.

    I'll be posting some photos where Shiseido de luxe Eau de Carmin is sold- in Watson's Taiwan- it's on sale now for NT$90 from the orig. price of NT$100.

    Today I've learned that Shiseido's de luxe series is an age old product line up but it just didn't make it in the Philippine shores, I've also captured some photos of Shiseido's old packaging.

  8. @Chelle, there's a whole bunch of stuffs that never reach the Phil. soil... It's really a big big world out here (or there, depending where you are, haaa)
    Also, I think the "lotion" on the bottle could be a typo error coz the chinese label says 化妝水 which means "toner". Maybe they just didn't realize it or didn't mind it. Taiwanese aren't so conscious about these things compared to Filipinos. So long these products are sold in legitimate stores.
    So how's your shopping spree by this stage??? =)

  9. Yeah...I agree...

    We didn't have a shopping spree ever since we came here ='( turned out mama bought just a bit of the currency here, now we only have a few dollars left and we're saving it in case there's an emergency, accident, flight delays etc. We just spend it on food and MTR transpo to walk around, Hope the money would last until saturday...

  10. @Chelle, if you want I can let you use my NTD as I have kept my bank account active. I can access it via webbank and transfer to Iya Marivic's account. Then she can withdraw for you. You can pay me back in peso or ntd, its OK. I'm not going to use it pa naman, just left it sitting there. haaa...
    p.s. email me Iya Marivic's landline para I can call you since its super cheap to call to Taiwan from here, compared to Phils.

  11. Ok haha. It's just I couldn't believe Shiseido would make something like this. It looks like it came from a grandma's medicine cabinet hahaha.

    So how does it fare?

  12. @Diega Well, Shiseido is generally a make up company that makes high end and low end products as well.

    The Philippines' purchasing power towards cosmetics is not as strong as HK, TW, JP and KR so Shiseido doesn't bother sending a whole lot of their product line up to the Philippines; for some reason they just send in the pricey ones in small quantities so a lot of Filipinos think Shiseido is primarily a high end brand when it's not.

    It fares a whole lot like Mario Badescu's drying lotion- I dab this on my zit and the next day it's gone.

    It's not that hard to find great products in Taiwan; products are imported in large volumes so they're scattered everywhere for cheap prices and you can guarantee it's authentic unlike here in the Philippines where we are made to believe the pricier the product is, the more effective it is when in fact make up companies just send in small amounts and pricing 'em higher because they won't get sales here by volume.

  13. Hi,do you have any idea where to get Eau de Carmin..had been looking high and low for it and i cant find it :(

  14. hi Celeste =) Eau de Carmin is scattered everywhere in Taiwan esp. in health and beauty stores ^.^