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Friday, March 26, 2010

Brownie Pays a Visit to His Vet!

Today was quite an exciting day for my lil baby boy.
We took him out for a drive going to his vet so he could get his shots.
A few days ago, his vet sent Brownie a letter via mail reminding him he needs his injections soon. It was cute, the letter was addressed to Brownie himself!

Before having his shots, he was very very excited to be riding the car again, whenever we go out he always wants to follow in the hopes we'd carry him inside the car. 
He loves looking out the window, oftentimes he'd be jumping like crazy showing his curiosity and excitement!

The photos I've taken here are taken with my other camera phone and it's quite hard to capture Brownie because he's always jumping and running around inside the car.
Brownie looking intently at the view

However, after getting his shot, I think he felt a bit drowsy.
He kept on looking outside the window but he wasn't so jumpy already
Brownie tried his best to place his paws on the window ledge but his body was feeling heavy so I had to support him after a few minutes later.
Still he looked outside the window but his eyes were slowly closing wanting to doze off but he was fighting it so he could take in as much view of his outside world.
It was such a cute sight ^.^ 

This reminded me of the famous YouTube video David After Dentist hahaha 


  1. My cat loves riding in the car and meows at large trucks from his dog (yes, that's right!) carrier basket.

  2. hey chelle! stumbled upon your blog via your facebook profile heehee. just wanted to say hi, and where'd you get those really nice alice in wonderland makeup? sooo cute!

  3. @Jamilla It's so cute! ^.^ a cat's meow is soothing to my ears, whereas my dog's bark and attempt to chase other cars is a hiatus haha

    @Johna Johna!!! ^.^ glad you saw my blog! I'm gonna follow your blog too! Ooh, alice in wonderland came from US pa, haha, it's quite hard to get one coz it's a limited edition and it's quite a task to ship them in but I did it naman with my cousin's help ^.^