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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Close Up of Jill Stuart Limited Edition Mix Blush

Yesterday I posted a bit of info on the LE Jill Stuart mix blushes
Really, the Jill Stuart bug bit me again and I'm lemming for these babies though I know I should control my urges already.

What Jill Stuart says:
An English garden with a myriad of colorful flowers in bloom.
A limited edition collection of romantic colors.

Mix Blush shade# 103 Romantic Bouquet

Mix Blush shade #104 Flowery Garden

The sprayed on flower pattern glitter is cute! <3
However I'm afraid if I purchase one I won't use it anymore so the flower pattern wouldn't fade away.

But wait a minute, are those sprayed on glitter flower pattern? 
Are the flower patterns really a part of the powder that it serves as a pearl highlighter?
There's not much info coming out yet.
If it's really a part of the powder then I'm getting one! =p 

I'm loving the shade 103 but I think it's too cool for my skin tone and 104 would suite me better.

Japan release date is on April 16, 2010
But Taiwan is getting this on April 1, 2010 and reservations can be made as early as March 25

Photos are courtesy of and release deets are from Jill Stuart Taiwan


  1. The glitter on the LE blushes is always an overspray--I remember reading somewhere that it pretty much disappears after the first use. Hope that helps you control your urges a little better XDD

  2. i think the glitter is an overspray only, :)

  3. Thanksies for the help gals!!! ^.^ Hmmm... I better think about it now...

  4. thanks to all the gals above. now you get can get a grip on yourself chelle~

  5. @Shirley huhuhu, it's so pretty, I keep on looking at the photos thinking if I wanna buy one or not... But I have to control myself... I have one Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot...

  6. @Chelle, hopeless case ka na....

  7. @Shirley hahaha! =p ngo um mai lo!