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Monday, March 22, 2010

Jill Stuart Lipstick in Baby Coral Review and Swatch

What Jill Stuart says:
Lipstick with light touch and pure color

That's it =p 

I believe this line was one of the earlier once which doesn't have much product details as compared to the product line up that came out this year.
I got this from Bon of
You might want to check her out because she recently posted Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N and the Limited Edition Mix Blush inspired by the English gardens, I've seen a couple of LE mix blushes before and they were irresistible! My knees are getting weak and I'm lemming for the Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N and the LE Mix Blush... 

Here comes the big Jill Stuart addict again to tempt me... =p

The shade I got is Baby Coral since Rosy Coral is considered limited edition in Taiwan
but I really wish I could get a Jill Stuart Rosy Coral too since Baby Coral is love ^.^

Here's hot it looks on top
If you'll take a look on how I handle the lipstick you'll notice that it's quite big for a lipstick.

Here's how it looks on the bottom
It has a crystal cut design and it can stand on it's own because of the flat surface
This is such a great display on your dresser.

Can I reiterate this is a jumbo lipstick? =p
Here's how Jill Stuart Baby Coral looks, the color looks dark and solid but since Jill Stuart cosmetics is a Japanese brand, like most Japanese lipsticks Jill Stuart is sheer and light but it still creates a nice overall finish or look which is great for those who love the no makeup look- it's not super pigmented and you won't look overdone.

I was surprised to see how wide the diameter is for a stick type lipstick, most stick type lipsticks are very thin as compared to this generously sized lipstick.

Here's a comparison of Jill Stuart, Shu Uemura and MAC lipsticks
It's a lot bigger in packaging and in grams!
Jill Stuart has 5 grams of lipstick
Shu Uemura has 3.7 grams
MAC has 3 grams
If I may add, Givenchy Rouge Interdit is at 3.5 grams

Jill Stuart Lipstick in Baby Coral Swatch

Baby Coral looks nude pink coral on my lips, it gave my overall look a nice healthy illusion of tan as compared to my other lipsticks that made me look whiter. 

Texture wise it's very smooth and silky, there are no gritty glitters that would harm your delicate lips
I applied cleared lip balm underneath because I'm used to applying lip balms prior to lipstick application
This lasted me a good 4-5 hours with minimal eating but it's okay because retouching with this lipstick will make you feel princess-y. 
For those who are used to American brands which usually has pigmented lipsticks you might need to reapply this several times if you want the color to pop out but in my experience and comparison, Japanese lipstick finish is just right and it's not overpowering. It makes you look as if you're naturally glowing from within.

Additional info:
Jill Stuart lippies also has the distinct Jill Stuart floral scent although the scent varies depending on the product. For liquid foundations, eyeshadows and other powder products the scent is stronger as opposed this lipstick's mild Jill Stuart scent; if my olfactory senses are correct there's a hint of yummy peach scent mixed along with the floral perfume which makes the lipstick tolerable.