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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seeing Ghosts Again and Again...

I often see, hear and feel ghosts than anyone in the family and last night was no exception.

I was already fast asleep at 1am when my door slowly opened with the creaking sound.
I am a light sleeper so I wake up at slight noise or movement, I was surprised to see a man who looks like my brother peeking if I'm still awake or not, then he slowly closed the door.
Even my Brownie woke up because he felt the presence.
Worried that it might be a burglar I quickly double checked to see who it was, when I opened my door to see the man wasn't around already.

I thought it was peculiar but I didn't bother to think about it and proceeded to bring Brownie back to his crib.
A few minutes later Brownie was barking already- it's a sign he's seeing something, Brownie doesn't howl thank goodness he didn't learn to howl because it wouldn't be so pleasing to the ears and dog howls can give anyone spine tingling and hair raising feeling.

This morning I asked my brothers and my father if they went to my room around 1am to peek inside and they all said no.

That's the ghost alright. Mother told me maybe the ghosts are just asking for food, she told me it's nearing the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival but according to the Lunar calender today is just the 6th day of the 2nd month when the Hungry Ghost Festival is at the 15th day/night of the 7th month- that's approximately 5 months later or August 24, 2010 to be exact.

Nevertheless my mother plans to give offerings to the ghosts who are asking for food as early as now. Perhaps ghosts are coming to me and they're telling me they need something because they know I'm more sensitive in these things than other people.

No wonder in the past few days, whenever I get back home my blinds are always jumbled up as if an earthquake came and rattled my blinds or somebody's hands went crazy on the blinds. On some occasions my lights go on even if nobody is home and we would be surprised to see it turned on. At times, we hear our shoe cabinets open and close on their own, sometimes some of our own cabinets open and close on their own too. One time I even saw a doppleganger and I really thought it was my father going up the stairs but much to my surprise my boyfriend didn't see anyone at home.

Oh well, I'm not really scared since I'm getting used to them but it could be bothersome at times like if a ghost wakes me up at 1am, ugh... Can they just do it when I wake up?

I know we have poltergeists here at home but as long as they don't touch my make up I won't hunt them down.

Ha! I remember one time when I was still a film photography student in DLSU-M, deadlines were looming and we were running back and forth the darkroom and the television studio multi-tasking shooting a tape as live program (meaning no retakes, your grade depends on your first shot and it shouldn't be a flop) while printing black and white photos. There wasn't a lot of people in the dark room when I placed my dodger on my work cubicle and quickly proceeded to the chemical tubs to develop my black and white photo, I went out to check my photo on a lighted area and saw that I need to burn some parts a lil bit more so I went back to re-do the same photo but my dodger was gone, I know there are several playful adult and child ghosts in the darkroom and they are notorious for getting your stuffs and placing it in other areas and you won't find them anymore. I was really frustrated that I started cursing the ghost- I can see the ghost sitting on the corner where most students don't go near to because the ghost talks to them, well, the ghost didn't talk to me but I started cursing the ghost and told it I'm going out for a while and when I get back my dodger should be on my work cubicle or else I'm gonna catch it and give it a second death. That's how stressful Communication Arts life in DLSU is, if you're really stressed you're not afraid of the lurking ghosts anymore, you're just gonna be angry that they're wasting your precious time.

Later on my dodger was back on my cubicle- it's not on the same spot where I left it but it's back.


  1. Chelle, I don't know if I should laugh or get freaked out by the dodger ghost. :P

  2. chelle, i have no idea whats chinese ghost festival. im alone in my house. i dont see ghosts and nothing paranormal in particular but i just want to offer something to them. can i place a plate of foods in a corner for them?

  3. @Pammy haha! Come to think of it, it is quite funny nangaway ako ng multo... I was really mad I was cursing and shouting inside the darkroom t*rantado ka, g*go ka etc. I guess that made the ghosts think otherwise not to mess with me and they gave me back my dodger...

  4. @Jing I see... Yup I think it's okay to place various foods on a table set for them =) Usually we set a full meal with some fruits, if you're gonna place chopsticks, stick it vertically on the center of the rice bowl which means it's for the dead. Usually we also light a candle or incense stick used in Buddhist temples. Alongside with the food offering we fold 'kim tsua' or gold paper and burn it; they believe when it's burned it's becomes money in the other world which is like financial aid for the ghosts. I'm not sure how many minutes you need to place the food on the table, I'm not too keen on the traditions, if my family gets hungry they'll just grab the food and eat it =p

    I'm Christian but my family isn't so they exercise food offering, I also don't eat the food being offered even if I'm hungry but nevertheless I do believe in ghosts...

  5. @Chelle, try catching a ghost or spirit on camera by shooting aimlessly inside your house, you just might be able to post a photo of who is haunting your residence.
    I'm serious its possible, as I've seen one already. No tampering since the b/w film was developed by the photographer herself & the contact prints were done right after the negative dried out. The photo shot is on a group of friends at an antique home of a photography student & slow shutter speed was used without flash. There was an eye & some hair of a girl floating on the front & the group of friends became the backdrop, only 1/4 of the face is clearly shown. (Darkroom lab used is same as yours many many years ago...)
    C'mon, take the challenge... haaa...

  6. @Chelle, the group of friends swore NO ONE walked infront or passed the camera during the entire shooting. The camera was set in B setting ata and on a tripod. spooky....

  7. @Shirley Aah... yes it's true, my photography professor who finished her PhD degree in a prestigious art university in the US even believes in those.

    Actually the ghosts in the darkroom are brought by the students when they were taking photos on location sites.

    My professor/MoMa art curator in NYC explained that it's in the film photography's principles.

    She explains that films are sensitive to light and they capture it- in science, light is a form of energy, we get energy from the people we photograph and even the ghosts; for a proof just look the celebrities to are often photographed, they seem to age quickly as compared to other people who aren't exposed to the camera. The film takes a piece of this energy and traps it in the film. In Filipino superstition terms, sumasama yung multo kasi natrap siya sa film.

    One renowned photographer hosted an exhibit, she used her black and white photography and it was spooky. She hosted it in a posh condo, the lights are always blinking, it goes out and comes back after several minutes, chilly wind rushes through your body though all windows are closed, objects move by themselves.

    Even professional photographers and artists believe in the film's power to capture ghosts.

  8. @Chelle, so... go and capture who's lurking in your residence, take possession of your home once and for all. Identify first and then research, and then... dunno, we'll check the options... haaa....

  9. hahaha =p di na... mama senses they're the same ghosts from our house in Bahama, mama said there are good ghosts and bad ghosts, luckily they're the good ones and they're good luck for the business, we don't get unexplainable sickness whatsoever...