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Friday, March 19, 2010

Beating the Summer Heat with Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder

Thank God for the clouds that shielded us from the harsh sun rays the past few days; it's a blessing!
Today however, the sun is back! Perhaps Sol missed us so much that I have to sprinkle myself like an espasol with prickly heat powder. 

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder by the British Dispensary is one of the great bargain I got in Subic when my family went to Subic for the US warship trip

This is a great bargain for me since Fisaan Prickly Heat Powders costs a lot of money. 
Snake Brand costs around US$1.50 approx. Php75 for 150 grams as opposed to Fissan Prickly Heat Powder which costs Php99.75 for 100 grams. 

Some more Snake Brand info
This is made in Thailand where the weather is also hot and humid.
I wonder when the Filipinos would concoct their own prickly heat powder that is suitable for our Philippine weather- something cooler and long lasting perhaps?

Here's how the screw cap lid looks like

Here's how it looks like when opened
I love the vintage feel of the tin can powder- most powder products come in plastic bottles so having a vintage inspired tin can with rose patterns on my bathroom counter gives me a more vintage vibe.
If I believe in reincarnation I think I belong to the Victorian era, I love everything with lace, frilly, filigree, vintage and Jill Stuart! =p 

The Snake Brand prickly heat powder has a stronger menthol scent as compared to Fissan, later on I learned that tin cans keep the scent and menthol better than plastics. Thus, the stronger cooling sensation.

Here's how the powder looks like
It's interesting to take note that the powder is not chalk white but rather it has a hint of pink hue.
It looks more natural on Caucasians especially those who have pink undertones but it looks natural generally even on yellow toned fair skinned gals. 

I'm not sure about British Dispensary's history but I think this is indeed formulated for the Brits (who are mostly Caucasians with pink undertones) in Thailand during the 1800s. If we would brush up on our history, we would remember that the South East Asia was mainly colonized by the West but since the word 'Thai' means free and if we'll look closely in Thai history, they have never been colonized, they maintained their independence by ceding parts of Malaysia to Britain and Cambodia and Laos to the French plus they were open to the British influence especially trading.

This is interesting, don't you think so? 
Just by looking at the color of the pink toned powder we could trace back Thai's history. ^.^ 
I'm glad I listened to my history class plus taking up South East Asian Literature did help a lot.

My lil bro went to Subic Freeport Exchange today and he got the last 2 tin cans of these babies, that came as a surprise, it was just a few weeks ago when the shelf was packed with Snake Brand prickly heat powder.


  1. Cute bottle! Vintage na vintage. I want one. :)

  2. Looks really interesting! I've never heard of anything like this product before!

  3. That's an interesting product. I also love its vintage packaging but I'm not digging it's brand name--- Snake Brand. LOL. I hope our weather cools down.

    Lots of love,

  4. Hi! This can also be bought in Chinese Drugstores :) I love the refreshing smell of this powder

  5. @Gaby it's the first time I've seen Snake Brand prickly heat powder too... Fissan has dominated the Philippine market for years....

    @Golden haha! From what I know, it's called Snake Brand because the founder opened British Dispensary as a drugstore, if you'll check the snake logo there's an arrow struck on the snake, the snake represents the illness while the arrow represents the medicine/remedy...

  6. @K I lived in Chinatown for almost 10 years and I haven't seen this in years, argh this is frustrating haha :))

  7. i bought one at Bangkok for B35 (150g), and their 300g cost B70. got the lavender scent and it was ok... i'd rather get the active herbal since it's citrus in a brazen sort of way.

    if you know someone going there, this is a perfect thing to ask for. it's that cheap.

  8. i need to buy this... where can i buy this in manila? is it available on mercury drugstores? what kind do you guys recommend for a 10 month old baby?