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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where I've Been to These Past Few Days

Wooh! It's been very hot and humid these past few days. Sometimes it's not the heat that's bothersome but the high humidity level we have here in the Philippines that's unhealthy and uncomfortable. 

We went somewhere very near to the beach in Subic but we didn't get to go to the beach, it did brought me to tears because the last time I went to the beach was more than 10 years ago. 

We had to cancel it so we would make it to the US warship tour (which doesn't interest me) but invitation to highly restricted areas comes once or twice in a lifetime. 
We aren't really allowed to take photos but one of the head gave us the liberty to do so.
I have a lot more photos but as courtesy I'd restrict releasing so much especially those taken inside the captain's room and other control rooms which are awesome! That's all I can say. My lips are sealed =p

But I think these harmless fun facts won't hurt:
It's like a whole new city inside, you'll get lost very easily.
They have a nice hospital inside complete with ICU section
They also have morgues inside, it's creepy but I think it's very very cool and considerate because I get the point if you're away for months from the land and you suddenly die, they give due care and respect to the dead who did great service to their country. 
They have a library and computer room where the crew can use the computers to get in touch with their loved ones. 
They have barbershops too, but I wonder if there's a salon for the women because I saw a lot of women too.
They have Vendo machines but you have to use an issued card in order to buy- meaning no outsiders could get to use the Vendo.
What's cool is that their Vendo sells everything from chips to toothbrush but of course these are in separate Vendo machines. 
They get TV signals especially the Manny Pacquiao fights in live streaming.
Food and drinks are great- The head was hospitable and we were invited to eat and drink to get the experience of being part of the US Navy but we didn't get a lot since we're not really doing anything to benefit from the US taxpayers' money. I see how Philippine politicians pocket the taxpayers' money without doing much service to the county and how we taxpayers suffer so it's not right to do it to other people when you know how it feels to be robbed. 

I love the trip but I would love to go to the beach, still. 
I didn't get to put on make up that day because I thought we were going to the beach when they canceled it when we're leaving the house. Good thing I brought my Jill Stuart Day Care Essence with SPF30, Kanebo powder, Clinique lipgloss and Kiehl's lipbalm so I'm pretty much all set.

LBC shipment has arrived last Monday! ^.^ Another reason for being busy sending packages.

I've been double wrapping everything especially Alice in Wonderland because I want them to arrive in the safest condition possible. I enjoyed wrapping one in bubble wrap because it's so plump you can already use it as a pillow :)) You almost can't see through due to the layers of bubble wrap and extra styro lining inside.

This package has arrived just tonight to it's lucky and nice owner in Baguio City ^.^ 


  1. Ooh it's really nice inside, but you really need to have escorts in front and at the back because it's very very easy to get lost inside. They have codes on the wall to let you know where you are but I wouldn't know much technicalities on that haha.