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Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Remove Majolica Majorca Painlessly!

Eureka! I found a nice and painless solution on how to remove the Majolica Majorca mascara. I just experimented with my cleansing oil and it is a no brainer method actually, I’m just too excited to share it with you girls. =p

Before taking a shower, I usually do not remove my make-up first; I just remove it after because warm water and steam would melt the formula so it would not be such a pain to remove even waterproof mascara. With Majolica Majorca, this warm water and steam method does not work and I have to use cleansing oil to rub my eyes.

My peepers are happy about this!

Tonight though, I revised my “ritual”. I placed a bit of Kose cleansing oil on my tiny fingertip and swipe the oil on my lashes in the direction you would usually do when applying mascara. I prefer using my fingertip but if you would like to use a spoolie that is okay too. I just find using a spoolie eats up more oil and it goes wasted. I just coat my lashes with a thin film of cleansing oil and I continue my warm water and steam method. Eureka! When I step out of the shower I am very happy to see a pair of raccoon eyes in the mirror, haha! When I examined my lashes the mascara formula is almost gone so I just have to remove my eye shadow which is not much of a pain to do.

I prefer this method because first it is very painless and it lessens the deepening of my fine lines, second when I coat my lashes with cleansing oil, it does not usually go straight to my eyes so chances of the oil emulsifying in your eyes is also diminished.
I’m going to do this from now on! =)


  1. Thanks for the suggestion! Suqqu eyemakeup remover is the only thing I've found so far that removes Japanese mascaras painlessly!

  2. Your welcome Ms. Jamilla! ^.^ I was very surprised and happy when I saw the mascara melting away! =) Thanks for the suggestion about the Suqqu eye make-up remover, we still don't have that in the Philippines but if we do then hurrah!

  3. Hey nice idea! But I've always removed make up first before taking a shower, because the cleansing oil won't work on wet skin right? Still, that is such a cool find. Mascara is hell to get rid of.

  4. Hi Kaye! =) Yup I think cleansing oil usually won't work effectively if the skin is damp so I would lightly the water off with a tissue or face towel before using the cleansing oil to remove all the traces of my make-up =)