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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

Here it is! The much anticipated Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara is in my paws.

I got the description from Airvony's online shop:
Leaves a never before seen impact!

"Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus"

This is the 3rd generation of Majolica Majorca Lash Expander. Lashes are covered in a super lengthening liquid base that gives you 1.5x longer lashes with great intensity joined with a framing eyeliner effect. Its improved formula is formulated with the world’s first jet black fibers and works together with a new coil and comb technology on the brush. This waterproof mascara ensures that you get sky high lashes! Perspiration, oil, tear and water proof.

Length ***
Thickness **
Density **
My Review:
The packaging is awesome! It is like a tamed down Jill Stuart but it is very pretty nonetheless. In my experience today the packaging does not get scratches easily so it is a good plus point for me. The spider web pattern is very sophisticated in my opinion. What is very unique about this is the cap or wand, if you would look at the picture below the top of the wand has the Majolica Majorca logo on it and it is indeed majestic.

The wand is a lot like my Etude House 66 Big Eye Vitcara; it’s a comb type of brush which works very well with my small chinky eyes. What’s interesting here is that the formula has small lash-like fibers and you could see it on the comb.
Does it work? Yes it does! The first side I apply is the straight side of the wand to apply the mascara on my lashes then I use the curved side to comb it out, what I notice is that whenever I’m using the curved side, that is the time when the lash-like fibers gets attached to the tip of my lashes and you have to be meticulous in combing it out. This is like hair extensions for your lashes haha! 
Tip: Try to have a clean spoolie on hand so you can clean your lashes up once you're done attaching the fibers. Don't worry! The fibers attach itself very efficiently. 

The formula is liquid like instead of clumpy and clay-like, sometimes you have to wipe the excess formula from the wand but it is natural since this is freshly opened mascara. Upon combing the formula on my lashes, gosh it goes on smoothly and it dries quicker than Etude House 66 Big Eye Vitcara but it gives you ample time to coat and fortify your lashes before it dries so this is not clumpy at all!

My lashes was really lengthened that my problem now is how to shorten it so the formula would not smear on my lids haha! I really have short sparse lashes and this really made my day, I feel like a cute doll with long lashes. If you'll look at the photo above you might think there's not much of a big difference but that's because I used a camera phone for this one and not much detail is captured but in real life this is amazing. I have not encountered any mascara that could brighten up my eyes like this one does. So yes I think I found my Holy Grail. I call this the steroid to my lashes. 

The volumizing power of this one is pretty weak but I am satisfied that it blackens and darkens my lashes; it does plump my lashes up but only to a certain degree but for me it is perfect for a natural everyday look. The curl stays up all day and it won’t budge even if I splashed my face with water.

However, here’s the problem; I usually remove my make-up after taking a hot shower because the steam and warm water melts mascara formulas and this method makes it easier for me to remove it with a make-up remover without having to tug my skin. In this case, it is very hard to remove even after a warm bath. I have to use my Etude House mascara remover which I suspect has a blend of cleansing oil so I think that the solution to a painless way to remove this is using cleansing oil. The down side is I do not like it when the oil gets into my eyes and emulsifies because it turns milky white, it does not sting my eyes but I rinse it immediately still to prevent harm to my eyes.

On the picture above, you'll see that I have highlighted the 320 yuan or NT$320 because that is just how much it costs in Taiwan. I firmly believe I should not pay so much if I am going to have a drugstore brand imported so yup I got it for a bargain. Another thing I would like to explain in the picture is the Chinese label of the product. On the left we have the Japanese label and instructions on how to use the wand and on the right we have the Chinese version of it, again, I find this very consumer friendly for the Taiwanese market. Here in the Philippines we also have this especially on imported food products with non-English labels on it, only we label it in English. 

Yesterday I was really excited to get my Majolica Majorca and I tried it, I took videos of it and captured it in my laptop so I can capture the frames and make it into pictures but the quality isn’t really the same when I’m using Windows as opposed to the times I was using Mac so I got frustrated and I asked my boyfriend if he could bring his Nikon DSLR along today so I can take some photos. I have a SLR but it is an analog one, it takes great photos and the color is very vivid but it is quite impractical to shoot, develop the photos and scan it into the computer haha.

I was trigger happy so took a lot of photos and here's the last photo of the MM mascara. Thanks to my boyfriend who also took a couple of shots! =) 


  1. I have never tried a fiber mascara and I haven't tried any from the Asian brands. This is definitely on the top of my list to try out next!

  2. hi Nina =) yup I recommend this! Usually for mascaras I go for the Asian brand since they will try to address Asian lashes like mine which is very thin and short making me look like as if I don't have lashes at all! haha, sometimes I really envy my Pinay friends who have gorgeously thick and natural lashes ^.^ but we have to appreciate God's gift to us...

  3. Awwww! This mascara makes your lashes very curly and so natural!

  4. Hi Anastacia! =) Yup I'm glad this looks natural... Would you believe I took the picture after 10 hours?! It's amazing! ^.^

  5. Great review! I have been wanting to try this out after my eyelashed decided to go crazy on my a few months back. Theyre back to normal now, but would still like to try :)

  6. Thanks! =) haha yeah try it, I think there's a lot of on hand stock of this in Wang Lai's Mart in Banawe; though just be careful with your lashes because this is very hard to remove =)

  7. pretty! I also love the packaging :)

  8. Yeah =) the packaging makes you feel you're a princess!