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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Shiseido Majolica Majorca Haul!

My Genders professor dismissed us early so I was really excited to rush to Wang Lai's Mart. I was supposed to pick up my Majolica Majorca tomorrow Tuesday but since I was given the opportunity to get it today, I seized the day!

The weather is really cool and the breeze is just refreshing tonight so my boyfriend and I went to Wang Lai Mart instead of waiting tomorrow.

I got the two Lash Expander Frame Plus for Php 650 and the Honey Pump Gloss (Php 250) is a freebie! Thanks so much to Ms. Airvony! =) I did not really expect to have another freebie since she gave me a lot of freebies on my last BB cream purchase ^.^

I'll be making a review on the much coveted mascara tomorrow and we'll see how it works for my lashes and in our humid Philippine weather. For now I have to rush and study Michel Foucault's works on Power, I have a quiz tomorrow! ^.^

P.S. The mascara costs a lot cheaper than sellers who sell it at Php900+ but I guarantee you this is authentic! =) It just costs NT$320 in Watsons Taiwan.


  1. MM stuff! And you got them cheap. Lucky you. :P

  2. ooh. i've been wanting to try that maquillage line but there's really something that tells me not to buy one. hehehe.

  3. @Pammy yeah it's really cheap ^.^ shipping from Taiwan is a lot cheaper than from Korea and the seller is very very generous =)

  4. @ Martha this mascara is the best! ^.^ the packaging is cute too... what's telling you not to buy this? their product line up is quiet limited but it suits me coz it saves me money haha