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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dry Lips on a Dentist Trip? + Ghostly Encounter

I just came home from the dentist today! Two days ago I found a black hole on my irregular wisdom tooth, I am very hard headed in NOT having to operate on it because it grew horizontally instead of vertically and I have a gap in between my molar and my wisdom tooth so when I chew food particles often get stuck in between. It’s quite ironic because I’m very obsessed with having clean teeth and I always check on that gap and pick out food particles stuck on it.

When my dentist cleaned that gap out there was still some food particle stuck and I saw the hole and it’s really huge that my knees became weak! I thought it was painful, it looks painful! I never had cavities that big because I’m very obsessive compulsive about my teeth and when a small cavity surfaces I immediately go to my dentist to have it treated and filled. The weird thing is that when I poke it with something I don’t feel any pain at all.

One tip I can give is when you’re planning a trip to the dentist, do check your own set of teeth out and look for cavities yourself because sometimes the dentist could miss out on a small detail that only you could initially notice. The most noticeable cavity I had today was the huge one and I saw a small one surfacing on my left molar but my dentist didn’t see it because it was so tiny, haha. So I let my dentist know and he also filled it up before it gets worst.

Apply a good lip balm that would last you long enough so you won’t feel any drying on your lips when it is time to open your mouth for a long time. In this case I was planning to use my Kiehl’s Lip Balm # 1 because I swear by its long lasting power.

However I was in a hurry already so I just grabbed my everyday lip balm Philosophy Kiss Me in Pink which didn’t last me long enough. What I did was when my dentist is not looking because it seems strange, I dip my fingertip on the surface of the water in a cup and dab it on my lips to relieve the dryness.

Hope it helps once you pay your dentist a visit! 

Oh yeah, since Halloween is fast approaching, I had a bit of ghostly encounter today. My dentist is located in an old building in Chinatown so before my mother and I left the clinic we borrowed the key to the comfort room (the comfort room is always locked to avoid outsiders using the comfort room). There is a narrow hallway going to the comfort room and we have to turn left to reach the hallway.

When we turned left, I was a bit surprised to see an old woman standing in the middle of the old hallway in a praying position and just looking straight; I was puzzled why the woman was standing there doing nothing, what’s more peculiar is her outfit. She wore a formal party dress of a blood red top and intense black long skirt, her hair is made up and she has heavy make-up on. Most of the people in Chinatown only wear the simplest clothes like slippers, t-shirt and shorts so it was very puzzling to see a fully made up woman in an old medical building. My mother and I told her “Excuse me” so we could pass through the narrow hallway and she moved in a slow pace because of old age. When I was about to insert the key to the lock, my mother turned to look at the woman again (perhaps because of her outfit) she was surprised to see her gone!

When we checked back we didn’t find her anywhere. She was standing at the middle of the hallway and the short time we turned back would not allow her to quickly move away. We did not hear any door from the clinics shut close nor did we hear footsteps to the stairs. My mother had goose bumps all over but I just calmly told her let’s just do our thing in the comfort room so we could go.

Why are ghosts coming out? This week I just saw my father’s doppelganger climbing up the stairs and I really thought it was him because he was wearing my father’s signature house outfit: checkered short, brown slippers and no top; his back is really my father’s back with all the curves and ‘love handle’! Last night my little mini pin Brownie woke up looking surprised and he was very angry at something that he was barking so loud; he went ballistic and chased something in thin air. 

Wow, all those times I was being haunted in the darkroom during my photography days did pay off! LOL

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