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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Diorsnow Sublissime Whitening Moisture Crème

Skin care time! As promised, this is a review for Diorsnow Sublissime Whitening Moisture Crème. I bought this trial size at Sasa in Hong Kong for HK$32.
I also use this at night because I don’t like using cream in the morning; for me layering so many stuffs on the face would clog my pores easily so I just use my trusty BB cream to moisturize in the morning but when night time comes I go for formal moisturizing creams. The reason I bought this is to even out my skin tone especially on my forehead since I was under the sun for numerous hours during my thesis and due to stress we forgot about sun block haha!

This is quite effective; if not the most effective whitening product I know.  I have not used any other whitening product prior to this because my skin tone is very fair and I just needed a whitening product to even my skin out. I have seen a lot of women use whitening products but nothing seems to work. Most Asian women also use whitening product though they are fair but we use it to diminish the freckles and uneven skin tone.  I can now say I have my even skin tone back! We have to take note that I am also using my BRTC BB cream which also has whitening properties.
I love this crème more than my Lancôme Neurocalm Cream because it is very light weight and my skin absorbs this quickly, after an hour or two I can touch my face and it is very soft, supple and moisturized.I also favor the light floral scent of Diorsnow Sublissime Whitening Moisture Crème than the Lancôme Neurocalm Cream; it does not make my nose wince in pain.

This product is only a tester but as written on the back of the carton this is not supposed to be on sale because this is a free sample! However I find buying this more practical than buying a lot of Dior products just to be able to try out this cream. 


  1. This is nice. I don't also like layering stuff on my face. And yes I agree that it's more practical to buy samples even though they are not supposed to be sold than go for the full-sized ones without being able to test it first for quite some time. :)

  2. Hi Pammy!=) Yeah another reason for me too is that I like testing skin care products out before buying the full size, chances are I don't repurchase the full sized ones because I'm not satisfied with the creams. Now I'm afraid my wallet would bleed because I am thinking of repurchasing this one! ^.^