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Friday, October 30, 2009

Kose Junkisei Prime Oil Cleansing

I bought this when I was in Taiwan and I forgot how much it costs; I bought this in Watson's in Taipei 101 along with my L'oreal blushes and Fasio colored mascaras.

What Kose says:
KOSE Junkisei Prime Oil Cleansing is an oil type cleanser that penetrates deep down into the pore to grab dirt, oil, and make-up while restoring the natural moisture of the skin for cleaner, softer, smoother, and more youthful skin. Emollient contains tea oil and rosehip oil to make your skin smooth and moist. You will see visibly improved skin with continued use.

herbal green scent.

My Review:
This is my first cleansing oil and a little goes a long way; I'm not even halfway through this bottle as you can see on the picture. What I like about this is that when I pour a bit of this on a cotton swab, it removes make-up in one swipe and it has a minty herbal scent which is rejuvenating especially at the end of the day when I’m tired. It removes my Shu Uemura drawing pencil in one swipe and it removes Majolica Majorca mascara in a few swipes.

At first I didn't really like this product because it feels like cooking oil on my skin and it goes to my eyes and emulsifies. Sometimes my eye sight becomes whitish and I did not want to risk having eye damages; no matter how good we take care of our skin we should also take extra care for our eyes. The pump nozzle is also defective because it leaks! So imagine the whole bottle covered in oil!

However when I was running out of L’oreal Gentle Lip and Eye make-up remover, I gave this another shot because I do not want any of my beauty product to go to waste and I work on what I have. Guess what? It works! Now what I do is I pour a bit on the cotton swab and massage this on my face, I wash this off with warm water so the oil will melt away but warm water would not remove all of the oiliness I feel so I use Cetaphil and massage it on my face to further remove the oil and it will feel squeaky clean and yet at the same time it’s soft and supple. 

This is perfect for me especially for the -Ber months to come as I tend to have dry flaky skin on this season and it adds moisture to my skin cleansing regimen. 


  1. Too bad we don't have Kose here. :( Though I have once tried Fasio's cleansing oil (which I think is also from Kose) and I didn't like the feeling of having something like cooking oil on my face. But Missha's cleansing oil is great. ;)

  2. Yeah I have not seen Kose counters in our Philippine shores yet... Haha! :)) Yeah when the cleansing oil is too thick for our liking sometimes it makes me feel its clogging my pores...I'll try Missha's cleansing oil when I get the chance =) The most popular cleansing oil though is Shu Uemura but it's so expensive!

  3. Kose is available in Rustan's essenses. They've been selling it there for a few years now. The Junkisei Prime line is available already too

  4. thanks, can you please tell me if this cleansing oil contain mineral oil? I am looking for one which doesn not contain mineral oil.

  5. Lucky U. I hate this product though. I get break outs and troubled skin whenever I use this. :(

  6. Hi! =) Sorry to hear about that =( But I'm pretty sure there's a product out there that will suit your skin better! =)