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Friday, November 6, 2009

Bloom Lip gloss in Girlie

This is my very first Bloom lip gloss and like my Cosmopolitan, this has mandarin and vanilla oils blended to  create the scent Bloom lip gloss is distinguished with. Girlie is also an 8ml tube lip gloss and I bought it for Php450; this is the cheapest Bloom lip gloss I bought. 

Girlie is my favorite color among the three tubes I own because it looks like a more natural rose color on my lips and it lasts a long time. The consistency is also silky smooth and not sticky which I love. The texture is very smooth and you won't feel any chunky glitters if you smack your lips. 

I used to really love this to the point that even if I just swipe this on my lips and I’m good to go out! This is perfect to use on its own because the color is more evident than Cosmopolitan; also unlike Cosmopolitan, Girlie does not have a frost finish so you can layer this on and on and it would still look naturally beautiful.

I use this all year round and it suits our season fine; this shade is perfect for summer for a fresh blooming look and also great for the Christmas season if you want a pop of color and shine on your lips.  


  1. hey chelle :)

    i really wanted to try bloom glosses.
    the tube looks so cute...

  2. hi Jing =) try it out! The quality is also one of the best I've tried and quite comparable to my Shiseido lip glosses =) The tube is really cute, that's one of the things that attracted me to it but the black rubber will melt up to a certain point and become sticky, so it gathers dust and dirt haha =p

  3. Hi Chelle. This looks really pretty. :P

  4. Hi Pammy =) Yeah this is still my favorite lip gloss color! Good luck on your new work! =) I bought a lot of pretty business casual clothes in 168 ^.^

  5. I love Bloom glosses :) The one I'm using right now is Pink Pink :D It's so pretty, and you need just a little to get a lively color. I'm tempted to buy more, but I already have tons of other stuff from Majolica Majorca and VOV coming in. (I'm addicted to gloss,obviously)

  6. hi Kaye! =) That's true about Bloom lip glosses, you just need a little to get a pop of color... Ooh I like Majolica Majorca too! My seller gave me a free MM Honey pump gloss though I haven't tried it yet! =p Same here! Lip gloss addict!

  7. Looks really pretty!

    Just stumbled upon your blog via Askmewhats.


  8. Thanks Michelle! =) I'll follow you! =p