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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Arezia Nail Polish in Red

Christmas is coming near! When I think of Christmas I think of the colors red and gold. With that I have decided to post on a great red nail polish color.
I bought the Arezia Nail Polish in Sasa in Hong Kong. I found this in a big tub full of nail polishes. I like the deep red color it gives out. The pigmentation is superb, one coat is all you need and it dries quickly! It also does not give off an unpleasant paint-like nail polish smell.

One coat of Arezia red nail polish

One con though is that you need to put on a base coat first because this will stain your nails. For some it will be a con because the bottle is just 4.5ml but for me who does not occasionally put on nail polish would appreciate this because I cannot finish the small bottle even! Haha.


  1. is it weird that i'm strangely drawn to the nail polish packaging? haha! i love your nail shape!

  2. Haha! no not really =p i like the packaging too... Plus it's really small! Thanks! =p It's the first time a person compliment my nail shape haha!

  3. I like this cute packaging! Aww! Seems like this nail polish is pretty opaque! Nice color as well!

  4. Aww.. It is opaque? Haha! I'm not used to wearing bold colors so I thought the color is pretty strong for me =p I just toyed with it because it's a nice color of red =)