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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bloom Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Cosmopolitan

When I first loved make-up, Bloom lip gloss started my lip gloss addiction. The first shade I got was Girlie which remains my favorite rose color; the second I got was Sugar and this is my third shade; Cosmopolitan.

Bloom Lip Gloss Cosmopolitan 

I bought my Bloom lip gloss in Beauty Bar for Php450, Php475 and Php595 (all are the same product but I just bought it at different times so the most expensive one is the latest) I’m not sure how much it costs now because I haven’t bought Bloom lip gloss for a very long time because the 8ml tube will last you a long time. Another reason why I didn’t repurchase is because I want to have another scent for my lip gloss and I was getting light headed with the vanilla oil.

Bloom’s lip gloss contain a hint of color and there’s a blend of oils mainly mandarin and vanilla oils. Among the colors I own, Cosmopolitan is my least favorite because it’s a frosty milky pink color which makes me look pale when I wear this alone.

However if I use this to add some punch to my lipstick, gosh it looks very flattering! I have paired this with wine color lipstick and it creates a rose like hue on your lips. I only apply this sparingly and I usually put it on the center of my lips and I smack my lips so the color evens out. I like glosses that are silky smooth to apply; provides high shine and lasts long enough until I eat and Bloom lip gloss fits that category.

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited PK308 plus a dab of Bloom lip gloss Cosmopolitan in the middle

My only qualm is the vanilla scent because seriously, the years I’ve spent using this everyday has made my nose very sensitive to anything with vanilla scent and it becomes painful to smell anything with a vanilla scent.
I love the sturdy packaging and the rubber grip you can get from the wand but when it stays with you for a long time and you always carry this around, the rubber grip melts up to a certain degree and it catches all the dirt and dust it could gather. So if you can finish a tube quickly, do so before you witness how dirty the rubber grip could be.  


  1. I love Bloom's lipglosses! They were my first glosses. My favorites were Tangerine and Pout.

  2. Hi Nina! =) Yeah it's really silky smooth and not sticky at all. Ooh I'll check Tangerine and Pout too! =)

  3. This color is so beautiful! very natural tone! Looks so cool!

  4. Hi Anastacia! =) Yeah this is a very pretty color is you use it sparingly, otherwise it's a very frosty color haha

  5. i used to be addicted to bloom lipglosses too when i was in high school LOL.

  6. haha same here! I have the lip glaze too, it's old and I can't finish it up before!

  7. Hi Nina!

    i have just seen Bloom boutique at Robinson's Ermita; do you know where else? I have not tried any product yet but I am loving the Blush Brush that I have bought for a month now.

    I want to buy their Powder Brush but unfortunately it is not available in Rob Ermita.

    hope you could help me.

  8. hi Roxy! =) Bloom's is available at beauty bar in rockwell, robinson's galleria, sm mall of asia, glorietta, trinoma etc. etc. ^.^

    goodluck! <3

  9. hi,nina
    kindly tell me where to buy Neutrogena pore refining cleanser& cream..i'd already went to the mall and it is really hard to find..