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Friday, November 6, 2009

Elianto 03 Summer Silver Eyeshadow

When Elianto was fairly new, my mother and I went to check this out at Mall of Asia and I went gaga over their vast selection of eye shadow colors and how cheap it is as compared to other Asian brands.
I bought this silver eye shadow for Php119.00 and it does not come with a proper container because this is meant to be placed on a palette that Elianto also sells. I never got the palette because I only own two Elianto eye shadows. I will also make a review on the other eye shadow next time.

I love this eye shadow because it has stayed with me for quite some time and it does not turn chalky yet.  The silver color is much pigmented and it is very easy to apply. One strong point of this product is that it does not have fall outs when you apply this on your lids- with or without an eye shadow base and even if you do not layer an eye shadow base this will still last you the whole day given that you do not have very oily lids. I also love this because it is very easy to blend with other eye shadow colors. I tried using this with my MAC Amberlights and it became a beautiful champagne color which is perfect for regular school days because it makes your eyes look brighter without having too much make-up on. 
I am having a challenge on making my brushes pick up the pigment on the pan because I suspect this has a very strong binder so I have to swipe my densely tapered eye shadow brush for three times but it is not much of a big problem.

Here's a swatch of Elianto Summer Silver without any eye shadow base

Try the foiling method instead of putting on a primer potion. I damp my brush first so it would be more effective to pick up the pigment from the pan and pack it on my lids, it stays longer, the color is vibrant and there is no creasing. I tried using my Urban Decay Primer Potion and this one and the color came out a bit pale in comparison plus there is a bit of creasing too. 

Hope this review helps! =) 


  1. wow... this could also be very good as a brow highlighter :)

    im planning to check elianto store in my next malling...



  2. Hi Jing! =) Yeah I also use this as a highlighter! Thanks for reminding me about that haha, I use a softer angled brush so it goes on sheer and light =)