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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guerlain Parure Gold Precious Light

Honestly, I have not tried any Guerlain products because I am still a student and I could not afford to shell out a lot of money for make-up- yet. Guerlain is on top of my list once I earn my own money.

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping due to stress and when I wake up, dark circles greet me "Good Morning!" Last Tuesday my friend who's shopping for make-up for his thesis music video shoot bought a dual ended concealer and highlighter. The SA showed us how to use a highlighter and oh wow! It does make your complexion brighter.

Ms. Sigrid, a very friendly person from Luxasia emailed me their Guerlain catalogue and I remember seeing Guerlain Parure Gold Precious Light (Php2350). I quickly looked it up on my catalog and found out it has anti-wrinkle properties too. Now this is definitely on my list of things to buy once I get some moolah! I have dark circles and fine lines under my eyes even at the age of 20 due to stress; I also have the habit of sleeping late in the evening so if you’re like me, please try to sleep early or else when you get older it will haunt you back. Now even if I’m trying to combat wrinkles by slathering on anti-wrinkle cream the results are still at a minimum.

When I’m putting on cream concealer under my eyes, sometimes I pat and when I need to blend on areas that are hard to reach, I tend to tug a bit harder than the usual and it also contributes to fine lines. Hopefully with Guerlain Parure Gold Precious Light’s pen type applicator, blending concealer on hard to reach areas would be a cinch. 

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