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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot Review and Swatch

As a follow up to my previous Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot post, I'd be writing the review on this post and let's proceed with the swatches.

Here's a swatch of the Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot
Colors are labelled carefully and it matches the exact numerical label on the first photo showing the mix blush pan.

If you'll notice there's no evident glitter on the pan itself but when swatched, you'll see some shimmers sparkling <3
The color is very sheer and it's fool proof to use. I used this when I was in Taiwan hurrying up every morning; whenever I hurry up I tend to use more force when applying blush but the result is always a nice barely there pink flush.

Jill Stuart sales attendants usually recommend Little Bouquet over Fresh Apricot because Lil Bouquet is more pigmented than Fresh Apricot but in my case Fresh Apricot is just right. Fresh Apricot is more of a light pink blush with a slight hint of peachiness thanks to the light orange shade.
My cheeks are already rosy on their own way, I just need a light blush to even out the rosiness (nature and genes ain't always perfect =p but rosy cheeks is still a gift from God)

Here's how Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot looks on the white brush
You'll see how it looks like when mixed together

I can't do a cheek swatch because it provides a natural rosy cheeks look and the camera washes the color out- it doesn't appear much on the camera so to speak. 

It lasts well the whole day and there's a hint of Jill Stuart's trademark floral scent- it's just a hint and unlike other JS products where the scent is stronger. I guess Jill Stuart takes into account that this is brushed on the cheek area which is very near to our olfactory senses and we wouldn't want an overpowering floral scent near our nose.

The brush itself is so soft! This is the first makeup brand whose built in brush applicator is at par with other expensive brushes. It's very soft and dense at the same time; this is perfect to be used with the mix blush formula. I tried using my own blush brush but the result isn't the same so I recommend use the brush <3

I'm loving it! <3 
Oh by the way, if you're lemming for JS you might want to hurry up and ask Bon about JS before it's too late!
I'm drawing up my last Jill Stuart order, it might be my last Jill Stuart purchase from Bon =( 


  1. Hi chelle! Don't worry I will still go back to Taiwan after my trip to Manila this May (",)

  2. Hi Bon! ^.^ Let me know if you're gonna be able to take special orders when you get back, but no pressure naman, I can wait and the JS makeup I've stored will last me for months, haha! Just enjoy your Aussie backpacking trip! ^.^

  3. Hi there
    you would recommend the jill stuart blush or benefit blushes?

  4. hi =) it depends on what you want to achieve, if you want a softer pinkier blush then go for Jill Stuart, if you want a pop of coral color then go for the Benefit one.