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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot

Hurrah! I'm having my mini Jill Stuart counter here on my dresser!
This is my fourth Jill Stuart accumulation and I'm loving the packaging to bits.
This is just an initial review since I promised myself not to use this until I've finished up my L'oreal Blush Deliceux in Rosy Cheeks; it already has a small hole in the middle actually. Actually I'm tempted to sell it complete with the brush unused for a low price but of course it's harder to sell a blush in that condition. 

Moving on to the real star of this blog entry- the Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot

One thing that I initially didn't appreciate was the brush included because in my experience most brushes and sponge applicators included don't perform well but seems like that perspective would change now.

Isn't this cute?
I never appreciated how cute and intricately designed this blush brush is, it's like MAC Baroque Boudoir all over again, but with Jill Stuart it's available all year round. 
The brush is very soft and yet dense. I hate to admit it but it's even a lot better than my current blush brush. ^.^ it doesn't prick me at all.

I'm just afraid of staining the brush but I hope Jill Stuart's formula won't stain the brush that much. 

On other blog entries I've read, I usually admire the blush compact itself but I didn't pay much attention to the brush; I just have to say that I love the design, because Jill Stuart pays attention to the smallest details I'll return the favor and try to let you examine even the smallest details there is for appreciation. 
Japanese make up is the best!

For those who are worried "Oh no, how do I use the brush when it's attached to the compact?"
Nah don't worry, it's detachable as you can see on the photo. It also has another hook on the brush case itself.

If you'll look closer, the chain isn't your ordinary chain, even the chain has a lovely pattern. 

Here's the Jill Stuart Mix Blush compact itself
My knees get weak whenever I see such Victorian-princessy packaging!
The plastic is sturdy and it doesn't get scratched easily.

Here's how it looks on the bottom

Tadaah! There's a clear plastic with the Jill Stuart print on top as a protective cover for the powder.

Here's how it looks without the plastic cover
Even my boyfriend said it's pretty!

Aah... This is the complete Jill Stuart princess experience!
When you look at the mirror you can't help but to notice the pretty filigree like design on the border that creates a more pleasurable princessy blush experience.

Believe me, I know it seems so superficial but little details like these can make your make up routine more fun. 

Here's a close up of the Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Fresh Apricot
Swatches coming soon! As soon as I get to figure out what to do with the L'oreal Blush Delicieux in Rosy Cheeks.

Of course I also love the quaint box. It's so pretty I just can't help but to take photos of 'em!

I bought this from Bon. This is her own Mix Blush Compact but she said she's not gonna use it anyway so I got it ^.^ I'm eyeing the Fresh Apricot anyway and the offer is right in front of me, I can't help but to get it!
This is bought at Shing Kong Mitsukoshi Taiwan too, the home of the cheapest Jill Stuart make up.

You read that, to avoid breakage, do not pull or hang the compact with the brush! =p 
I take great precaution taking the compact out of the box because I really take care of things I love.

Some more Nihongo, of course I can't read it except some bits and pieces of Kanji which is basically the Chinese characters. 

Hope this initial review helps for those who are interested in Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact ^.^ 


  1. The blush queen has spotted Jill Stuart Mix Blush! =p it's very very gorgeous Pammy ^.^ It just pains me to ruin the beautiful pattern haha