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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

L'oreal Blush Delicieux in Rosy Cheeks

This is the 2nd part of my L'oreal Blush Reviews.

I bought two more L'oreal Blush Delicieux: Fresh Papaya and Rosy Cheeks. I bought the two in Taiwan because it was a lot cheaper over there; I bought it exactly in Taipei 101 Tower. I tried to find Pink Grapefruit but every mall and beauty store I go into like JMart and a lot of Watson's, Pink Grapefruit is not available. Perhaps it was discontinued. After all, the name of the line changed from Blush Delice to Blush Delicieux and the packaging also changed.

L'oreal Blush Delicieux in Rosy Cheeks is a stronger hue of Pink Grapefruit, it was the closest shade I could find to Pink Grapefruit. It has a lot of shimmer on it so be careful when applying with a blush brush as the shimmer would get to your whole face though it is fine for me because the shimmer is very fine and it adds some oomph to my overall look. Application wise, a few pat of the blush brush to the pan would do the trick since the brush easily picks up a manageable amount of powder already.

However, I am having a hard time blending this because it has more pigmentation than Pink Grapefruit so I have to blend blend blend or else I'll look really flushed or slapped. In my opinion a good stippling brush would do the trick. I still don't have the a stippling brush so I'll update this post once I get hold of a stippling brush. Trying this still made me want to look for my favorite Pink Grapefruit.

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