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Thursday, October 8, 2009

L'oreal Blush Delicieux in Fresh Papaya

I intended to sell my L'oreal Blush Delicieux in Fresh Papaya because when I researched about it, I learned that this is best for morena skin, uh oh, I thought. I'm very pale so this might look too orange on me. It has been months since I posted Fresh Papaya on my Berrywinkle Store and a lot are interested but it is a blessing in disguise that nobody bought it yet because I decided to take a leap of faith and use Fresh Papaya.

My reaction? It's really beautiful on my pale skin! It looks so natural and sheer like my Pink Grapefruit. It makes me look fresh and it perks up my skin. This product makes me look less tired especially when I'm stressed. This is THE closest thing to my Pink Grapefruit but this is a lot pale pink in comparison. I've been using pink blush and I can definitely say peach toned blushes also work for me. This is a great highlighter for my cheekbones too.

My only qualm is that this has too much shimmer like the Rosy Cheeks but it is tolerable in my opinion. These days I always reach out to my Fresh Papaya. Anther qualm is that this disappears quickly than Rosy Cheeks but otherwise this is a great buy.

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