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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shu Uemura Pro Concealer

As promised, I will start on my reviews on my recent haul on the Beauty Luxe Sale.

I've been using Shu Uemura Pro Concealer for a while now and I must say I am impressed with the result. I developed a phobia using cream concealers because I thought it doesn't really blend well for my under eyes, I have to play tug of war with The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Concealer to distribute the pigment properly but when I distribute it 'properly', it won't conceal and I end up removing all the concealer under my eyes; but that was before when I was young and naive and I didn't really know what's the real purpose of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Concealer.

The brand Shu Uemura taught me that make up shouldn't be so complicated and it's the make-up that should do the trick for you and not the other way around. Concealers should conceal regardless of the specialty it's geared towards to and The Body Shop failed in that area. I felt it was liberating to use cream concealer under my eyes because for the longest time I thought it was a no no and I avoided it as much as I can because it made me feel horrible about my make-up skills.

But not anymore.

Shu Uemura Pro concealer goes on creamy, I use a small concealer brush and swab it on the pan, I pat on several dots on my under eyes. I put more dots on the inner darker areas and a few light dots on the outside. I don't have to worry about playing tug of war because the cream goes on very smooth and it dries to a powder finish; I just have to tap my ring finger until it's evenly distributed. What's more is that I don't have to worry about caking and sinking in my fine lines because it feels very light despite it's cream formula.

The concealer does not really cover my dark circles completely but I do like that it doesn't give off a fake grayish translucent color on my circles; it just looks naturally lighter which is a good thing for me because I find that a lot of concealers give off a fake look as if it is shouting 'Hey look at me! I'm wearing a concealer!'. I haven't found a concealer that looks natural other than this.

I know this doesn't cover my dark circles as attributed to my genes, I am still on the look out for my HG concealer but this is a great find and great value for the money.



Another great thing about this is that once it sticks to your skin, it won't leave you until it's time to do so. Other concealers rub off or transfer but not this one. There must be something with Shu Uemura that's why I'm loyal to this brand; almost all of their products adhere on my skin until it's time to remove it with make-up remover. I know how expensive this brand is here in the Philippines so I take advantage whenever I go out of the country and I buy lots of Shu Uemura products there because it is cheaper and reasonably priced.

I rarely buy Shu Uemura products here in the Philippines but this is an exception. I got this for Php650 at Ms. Dior Co's Beauty Luxe Sale at The Enterprise Center, Level 3 Tower 2, Cor. Ayala Ave. and Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines. I am looking forward for next year's Beauty Luxe Sale and I'll be posting the details once Ms. Dior sends me the info next year. =)

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