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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Low End Authentic Shiseido Products and History in Taiwan

In other posts regarding Shiseido products unknown here in the Philippines, some are wary that my Shiseido products are fake but here's a proof it's not fake.
This is taken inside Watson's guerilla style =p 
I've taken a snapshot of Shiseido's de luxe Eau de Carmin on sale for NT$90 from the original price of NT$100!

Surprise surprise, later on I'd find a history of Shiseido in Taiwan!

Shiseido's logo hasn't changed over the years, amazing...

Here are some snapshots of the old Shiseido packaging such as this face powder
Excuse the poor photography- lighting was bad and I'm shooting guerilla style

More Shiseido bottles, doesn't this remind you of my Shiseido de Luxe Eau de Carmin?
That's because this is one of the first few Shiseido de Luxe products! I was surprised to find out it has been around before I was born!
And if you'll check the English words written above it states 'WHOLESALE CHAIN'
which means that Shiseido is primarily a mass cosmetic company and you can get products for wholesale price; sadly Philippines just get the pricey lines so we often think Shiseido is mainly a high end brand. It's sad that we don't get to enjoy the other low end and mid range brands from Shiseido. =(

Here's a close up of Shiseido's de Luxe line, cute bottle! ^.^

There, hope I've put an ease to my dear readers' worries regarding cheap Shiseido products in Taiwan. Don't worry about buying fakes in Taiwan; as long as you're buying from legitimate stores and not from the streets you're safe. 

Also, I purchased my first Shiseido eye lash curler that's made in Taiwan and I've been using it since 2008. It's housed in a simple green box but it's NOT fake. It's made in Taiwan for local distribution; I think this is a great strategy because they could keep the prices really really low if the country produces the products on their own instead of importing in large volumes. I got my Shiseido eye lash curler for NT$100! That's roughly around Php140-Php150 only but I like it better than Shu Uemura because of the sturdy rubber and sturdy heavy metal- heavier than the ones distributed in posh Shiseido counters in the Philippines! 


  1. That's Shiseido heaven!!! :P They should sell the cheaper Shiseido line here in the PH too.

  2. I wish it would happen too Pammy =( I just wish they'd penetrate the Philippine market more but we're more saturated in Western brands so it's hard for the Asian brands to come...

  3. i did't see in Germany cheap Shiseido ...sad:( but we can get other things:P

  4. hi Sibelle! thanks for dropping by! that's true we can always think of brighter and better things that we have <3

  5. hihi, that's a amazing find and very very interesting.. u sound like u had so much fun in Taiwan! :D

  6. I had quite some fun in Taiwan ^.^ I just feel a bit sad I didn't find my favorite makeup brand's counter (jill stuart) haha

  7. @Chelle, where did you find the Shiseido history counter? ...haven't seen one myself. good for you to have seen that...
    Watson chain stores with branches in both Taiwan & HK, not to mention other countries, can't afford to put "fake products" on their counters coz the legal entanglements will not be worth the while, for sure. It only takes one person to make the call for the media & they'll be in deep shit. So, its not likely they will sell "fake products" in their stores.
    Amen. ^,^
    p.s. I miss Watsons. They have more stocks than CVS or Walgreens here. (CVS & Walgreen are the Watson's of the Americans)

  8. @Shirley it's in ximenting =p true, we watched taiwan news and they usually have those exposes when someone's selling fake or tricking the customer, the last time we watched news it was scary to find out some condos in Taiwan aren't built in good standard =/

  9. @Mr. Pineapple Man, hi! I love your name haha! glad you like this post ^.^

  10. where in ximenting????????
    cute pineappleman... pineapple produce in usa or produce in taiwan? haaaa...

  11. You know, I've been contemplating about buying a Shiseido eyelash curler off eBay but it's so hard to determine which are fake or not (with a lot of HK sellers on there). However, I found one seller which sells them that are in a green box, made in Taiwan. I've been searching all over the internet, to determine whether it's still a genuine product and your blog post has finally verified that for me! So, thank you very much for that post. I can now buy that eyelash curler and honestly, I have been wanting a Shiseido eyelash curler for a while so, thank you very much!