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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Favorite Childhood Dessert: Egg Pudding

I remember when my aunt returned home from Taiwan when I was still a kid she always bring me Uni-President's egg pudding! 

When I went to Carrefour I saw this again and I immediately bought a box of 12 cups 
Me and my brothers consumed the box in a span of 2 days! Then we bought another case that's quickly consumed again. That's how we missed this egg pudding.
It was midnight and we're leaving Taiwan by dawn, I haven't packed up yet but I rushed to Carrefour just to buy 2 boxes of egg pudding to take back home.

Lucky for me that midnight, a box of pudding was on sale and it costs NT$99! For 12 cups of pudding you'd only pay approx Php140-Php150. Who wouldn't resist to lug two boxes of pudding home? =p
In 7/11 a small cup costs NT$12 while the bigger cup costs NT$18 so the box of 12 small cups is actually a sweet deal.
Here's how it looks like
This is a great treat for kids since it's not too sweet, I love the light smooth egg texture and a nice light maple syrup-y taste on the bottom of the cup. I'm not really sure what the bottom part is made of, it doesn't taste like your regular heavy maple syrup, the sweetness is very light on the taste buds.
Another thing is that this doesn't have any preservatives added so you have to consume it quickly. 
I bought my first box March 28 and the expiration was in April 3. The last box I got, the expiration was in April 13.
Usually, hypermarts would stock up on fresh egg pudding but you might want to check the expiration just to be sure.

Cute boat paddle! Just kidding, it's the dessert spoon that's handy for small kiddie hands

Look how tiny it is on my palm!

Now I'm missing egg puddings but that's okay ^.^