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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Elianto Eye Shadow in 34 Pretty Violet

Elianto Eye Shadow in 34 Pretty Violet photographed with Nikon D60 DSLR

As promised, here's my review on my other Elianto eye shadow! =)

I bought this along with Elianto Summer Silver Eye shadow and it also costs Php 119.00. This has the same packaging as the Summer Silver; it does not come with a proper packaging because this is meant to be placed on an Elianto palette which is sold separately.

I bought this because of the bold blue-violet color and I like anything that's in the blue and violet hue. I tried this on the counter and I thought I loved it.

color pay-off after rubbing gazillion times directly on my finger
(photographed with Samsung SGH-P850)

Unlike the Summer Silver, this is the least of my favorite because of the bad formula. The powder is very hard to 'scrape' off using a brush. I have to swipe several times and even if I wet the brush to make the powder softer and to stick more to the brush, it just won't pick up and it results in a not so great color payoff. It does not look like anything in the pan.

Swatch of Elianto Pretty Violet eye shadow when applied on the skin

I was quite frustrated that I thought I just had to do a bad thing which is to dip my finger on to the pan. I'm glad I did because I felt how gritty and coarse it is which is a far cry from the Summer Silver eye shadow formula. I also noticed how big and chunky the glitters are on the pan, I hope you could see it on the photo too.

I would like to love this because of the great color but sometimes before buying, I have to test this on the counter for several times because I have to evaluate this based on the texture too and not just love it because of the color.

Just to show you how vibrant and pretty it is on the pan


  1. The color looks so pretty! It gonna looks great on eyes!

  2. Thanks Anastacia! ^.^ I wished this has more color pay off... It just looks so pretty on the pan!

  3. Yes, i also have this same color. decided to throw it away. Other Elianto eye shadow that I bought was OK except this particular color. don't know why...

  4. Thank God I share the same sentiment with you! =) Yeah my silver Elianto is also okay... There's just something wrong with this certain eyeshadow's formula...