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Monday, July 15, 2013

Shi Lin's Xiao Long Bao

One of the yummiest xiao long bao(soup dumplings) in Manila!

An order of 10 pcs is priced at approximately Php265. The soup is divine! The meat and skin is drool worthy. Yum yum yum! Served with a small plate of sliced ginger, I kept on looking for the black vinegar to no avail. The table's condiments only has soy sauce, I looked around and I just saw people putting sliced ginger on top of their xiao long bao so I thought this is new. 

Xiao long bao's not as big as the ones in Taiwan I've had but this is still perfect on it's own accord. The skin has the right thinness that pairs well with the soup and meat. Everything is well proportioned for you to take one big bite. It's not too big that you have to bite a portion and see all the soup drip all over your Chinese spoon and plate and it's not too small that you can't taste the soup anymore. One xiao long bao is just right for one big bite, there is just enough space for you to chew and appreciate the dimsum's flavor. We (meaning 2 people) were able to chow down 20 pcs. of xiao long bao. 

Interior wise, this is a well lit and spacious place. However, I think they lack manpower because everyone is multi tasking and they can only accommodate so much. Nevertheless, I appreciate the staff's hard work. 

Power Plant Mall branch (near National Bookstore and TWG)
Tel. 8900005


  1. Shi Lin is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Manila, second only to Ahfat in Davao!

    Ahh, I love everything they serve, esp. the prawn cakes and the seafood scrambled egg ! I haven't tried Xiao Long (the name is really funny) but I'm interested in trying it out!

    1. Really? Will try the prawn cakes and seafood scrambled egg next time! :) try their xiao long bao, it's their house specialty =)