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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ajisen Ramen

I was having colds when I craved for Ajisen Ramen. The thought of sipping warm broth entices me to sooth my nasal discomfort. Good thing there's an Ajisen Ramen in Sto. Domingo, Quezon City!

I got the house specialty Ajisen(Php235) and it hits right on the spot! Even though I can't fully taste the soup, I can still appreciate the different seasonings used to make this bowl of ramen. All the Ajisen oil, pork broth, Okinawa natural sea salt and the "Ajisen powder" mixing together to create a flavorful soup, mmm! 

The noodles kinda looks like pasta doesn't it? Unlike other Ramen places that serves chewy and uneven ramen noodles, this stands out because this is smooth and cooked al dente! Really looks and feels like pasta noodles. Perfect!

The shredded fungus, leek and slices of cabbage adds more crunch and texture in this dish. Chasu is a bit fatty but super tender and tasty nonetheless. Egg is tasty and flavorful on it's own, was it cooked in a certain kind of broth? Seems like it, yummy! Egg yolk is best when mixed in with the soup to give it a thicker consistency.

My father doesn't like drinking soup from restaurants because he said he doesn't know what kind of seasoning or how much MSG is thrown in so I also don't drink soup from restaurants but this one I'll make an exemption, I managed to slurp my way down to the bottom of the bowl leaving not a single drop. *feeling guilty*

Ajisen Ramen
43 Tirad Pass St. cor Sto. Domingo St., Quezon City
Tel.: 3549235

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