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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shoe Love! Gold Dot and Syrup

I'm quite fixated on shoes lately and so I went to Trinoma to get these. I really wanted Gold Dot's Justine in mint but I did not want to take the risk of buying online and get the wrong size so I beat the Saturday traffic just to check this out. It is Php895 at the Ramp with 10% discount so I paid Php805 but if you're confident enough with your shoe size, you could go online and pay only Php795.
I like how soft the shoe is and it makes my skin tone look brighter. Super cute! I got to match it with dresses and jeans.

Another good buy is People are People's Syrup's sparkly gold heels. This is quite a steal because I got it for Php699. The pair is gum soled so I know I won't strain my leg muscles trying not to slip especially if I'm going to events or places with slippery floors. The heel height is not too high so it's perfect for me. My only qualm is that my foot kept on slipping off coz I got a wee bit bigger size, the smaller size is too small so I might get blisters from that. What I do is I spray on my L'oreal Elnett on my foot and quickly slip the shoe on. Once the hairspray dries, your feet is glued to the shoes so you don't have to worry about anything, no kidding! 


  1. I'm not a heels kind of girl but I can say that those are really pretty shoes!!! :) The Ramp is a great place to shop for really suave things

  2. Hi Aicha, yup those are pretty shoes! Since I don't wear heels often, a pair of reasonably priced heels would do. The Ramp is on sale right now I think =)

  3. Hi are gold dot shoes true to size?

  4. Hi Michelle, most of the time I'm consistently a size 7 (approx. 24cm foot length) but if they indicate the shoe style is a size smaller, I get the size 8 =)